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One on One with Dr. Gulani

Patients, eye surgeons, and eye care industry leaders, many of them having undergone Dr. Gulani’s innovative, custom-designed surgical techniques are given full access to sit down with Dr. Gulani and literally review his remarkable thought process and artistic surgical execution that continues to inspire the world of eye care. For over Three decades, worldwide patients […]

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The WALK That #motivatedmymonday

Today for the first time in years 🦼 , Kathy walked independently and confidently 💪. A simple task she could not do, not only because of Blinding vision from her own complex eyes 🦇 but mostly from being permanently labeled as “Lost Case” ⛔️. After multiple failed #lasik and retinal surgeries, She was labeled as […]

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Walking my Talk!

The struggle is real and the outcomes are addicting. Here I am as worldwide 🌍patients have started landing ✈️ in since yesterday for surgery all week. Despite intensive diagnostics 👁 and technological investigations 👨‍💻 at my Institute, you see me personally struggling to Refract these patients through dense #cornealscars , multiple #radialkeratotomy cuts, Ectatic #keratoconus […]

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Don’t just COVER It; CORRECT It!

As the American Academy of Ophthalmology Conference continues this weekend, here’s another example of a patient who was labeled as “impossible” due to over 34 Diopters of “Irregular” Astigmatism and options of “Covering” 🕳 this “disaster” with a hard contact lens 🦇 or “live with it”. Unleashing technology 🚀and applying it in a custom designed […]

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Hangin Out, Not In! #Sunday

How many of you have heard 👂 or been told 🗣 “hang in there”? Sunday ☀️ is a great day to hang out with nature 🌲 and see 👁 the expanse of our cosmos ✨ to not only realize how insignificant we are but also the possibilities to expand our abilities, dreams 🌈 and horizons […]

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Am I Exhausted?

“Am I Exhausted? One of the patients flying in from #cleveland today asked me this question. He has seen every lecture of mine on YouTube, on professional sites, all my teaching webinars and literally spoke my eye surgery language which I speak to eye surgeons as he has researched me for nearly a decade while […]

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Treat Mountains ⛰ like Molehills 💩

“Scale 🧗‍♀️ to Conquer in Eyes 👀 & Life ❤️ In my master class, I teach Eye surgeons how to conquer all severities of #astigmatism and understand #topography. As you swipe to the next picture, you see a Corneal topographic map that shows elevations in warmer colors like red and depressions or valleys in colors […]

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Secret Sauce Sundays

“Secret Sauce Sundays My Secret: Spending 5 to 7 hours on Sunday morning preparing custom-designed surgical plans for each and every patient landing ✈️ in the coming week. Majority of the patients flying in this week have #Radialkeratotomy Complications including Cataracts in Combination with Radial Keratotomy. Many of them additionally have corneal scars, extremely high […]

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Stay Different!

“Stay Different! Soak in your Vitamin “D”; “D“ for Difference. This is the most profound concept I teach Eye surgeons over the last three decades and it also applies to life ❤️ in general. We are all different and its a tremendous waste 🗑 to try and become like somebody and then even more silly […]

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Let’s walk you through to 20/20.

I have accepted one last invite to teach a worldwide 🌎webinar tomorrow morning 9:30 AM EST. Will be sharing my concepts and pearls for the full spectrum of Cornea, Cataract and Refractive surgery where I want every eye surgeon to perform like an artist, empathize with every patient and deliver Vision with unshakable consistency. Full […]

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