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Was a wonderful #sunday sharing with some of the brightest minds 💡 in the world of medicine 👩‍⚕️ and business 🧑‍💼 Excellent moderation by @drmingwang and @guykezarian We are physicians and surgeons and yet automatically business CEOs because we dream to practice with passion while accommodating the world of business norms, many of which we […]

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PREMIUM is A Mindset!

#sundaysermon for Eye Surgeons. Bad vision Outcomes🦇 from Premium Cataract Surgery has become the number one reason patients are flying✈️ to me for second opinion and corrective surgery. In my worldwide🌎 webinar🎙 today, I emphasized to eye surgeons that just using a Premium lens or premium Laser doesn’t make the surgery premium 💎. It’s the […]

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The WALK That #motivatedmymonday

Today for the first time in years 🦼 , Kathy walked independently and confidently 💪. A simple task she could not do, not only because of Blinding vision from her own complex eyes 🦇 but mostly from being permanently labeled as “Lost Case” ⛔️. After multiple failed #lasik and retinal surgeries, She was labeled as […]

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Walking my Talk!

The struggle is real and the outcomes are addicting. Here I am as worldwide 🌍patients have started landing ✈️ in since yesterday for surgery all week. Despite intensive diagnostics 👁 and technological investigations 👨‍💻 at my Institute, you see me personally struggling to Refract these patients through dense #cornealscars , multiple #radialkeratotomy cuts, Ectatic #keratoconus […]

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Don’t just COVER It; CORRECT It!

As the American Academy of Ophthalmology Conference continues this weekend, here’s another example of a patient who was labeled as “impossible” due to over 34 Diopters of “Irregular” Astigmatism and options of “Covering” 🕳 this “disaster” with a hard contact lens 🦇 or “live with it”. Unleashing technology 🚀and applying it in a custom designed […]

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Hangin Out, Not In! #Sunday

How many of you have heard 👂 or been told 🗣 “hang in there”? Sunday ☀️ is a great day to hang out with nature 🌲 and see 👁 the expanse of our cosmos ✨ to not only realize how insignificant we are but also the possibilities to expand our abilities, dreams 🌈 and horizons […]

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Am I Exhausted?

“Am I Exhausted? One of the patients flying in from #cleveland today asked me this question. He has seen every lecture of mine on YouTube, on professional sites, all my teaching webinars and literally spoke my eye surgery language which I speak to eye surgeons as he has researched me for nearly a decade while […]

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Treat Mountains ⛰ like Molehills 💩

“Scale 🧗‍♀️ to Conquer in Eyes 👀 & Life ❤️ In my master class, I teach Eye surgeons how to conquer all severities of #astigmatism and understand #topography. As you swipe to the next picture, you see a Corneal topographic map that shows elevations in warmer colors like red and depressions or valleys in colors […]

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Secret Sauce Sundays

“Secret Sauce Sundays My Secret: Spending 5 to 7 hours on Sunday morning preparing custom-designed surgical plans for each and every patient landing ✈️ in the coming week. Majority of the patients flying in this week have #Radialkeratotomy Complications including Cataracts in Combination with Radial Keratotomy. Many of them additionally have corneal scars, extremely high […]

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Stay Different!

“Stay Different! Soak in your Vitamin “D”; “D“ for Difference. This is the most profound concept I teach Eye surgeons over the last three decades and it also applies to life ❤️ in general. We are all different and its a tremendous waste 🗑 to try and become like somebody and then even more silly […]

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