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The WALK That #motivatedmymonday

Today for the first time in years 🦼 , Kathy walked independently and confidently 💪.

A simple task she could not do, not only because of Blinding vision from her own complex eyes 🦇 but mostly from being permanently labeled as “Lost Case” ⛔️.

After multiple failed #lasik and retinal surgeries, She was labeled as “lost eye” in her left eye due to end-stage, Blinding, hard, brown #cataract with stuck pupil and no visibility 🦇 .

Her Only seeing Right eye developed a Blinding, subluxed, White Cataract along with LASIK Ectasia.

I encourage Eye surgeons to disregard such “labels of Impossible” that resulted in no one attempting to salvage the left eye👁 while yet afraid to touch the “only”, but complicated right eye 👁 leaving the patient with extremely distorted and blinded vision where she had to look at the floor and judge her footsteps 🦶 to move in any direction.

I appreciated her trust 🤝in allowing me to follow the very principles I teach as I attacked the left eye full frontal 🥊 and got every drop of vision bringing it to 20/40 and then went on to the right eye to bring it to 20/20 where she came in smiling 😊 today to show off her self confidence in walking 🚶‍♀️ on her own.

Please Tear down 🔨 these labels that limit your horizons 🎯 and patient’s lives 🦼 and fight 🥊 to Unleash their vision 👀 !

Go be a Doctor!

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