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Custom Cataract Surgery

Even though millions of cataract surgeries are performed throughout the world every year and it is called a "Routine" procedure by many doctors, Dr. Gulani teaches eye surgeons worldwide that "No Cataract surgery should be ROUTINE". "Cataract surgery is an endeavor to help patients See what they have been missing & also an opportunity to plan for the BEST Vision they can have for the REST of their Life"- Dr.Gulani

With such a dedicated outlook, Dr. Gulani encourages eye doctors to classify every Cataract patient into specific categories and then individually plan to address all of their correctable visual issues using Customized Cataract Surgery with cutting edge technology and Lens Implants.

Raising Cataract Surgery to an ART, Dr. Gulani's relentless pursuit to design vision and lend artistry to surgery raises even cataract surgery to his proprietary approach called LenzOplastique™ where he personally studies all patient diagnostics to diligently apply his vast array of lens based surgical technologies and techniques along with his "Vision A La Carte" concept to customize surgery in a holistic approach individually tailored to each eye no matter how simple or complex it is and also in combination surgical concepts. Unlike most practices that offer three lens implant choices, Dr.Gulani with his international privileges has experience with over 30 lens implant choices including Trifocal, Panoptix, ReStor, Rezoom, Crystalens,Envista,Tecnis,Symfony,multifocal, pseudo-accommodative, progressive, toric and monofocal along with piggyback, secondary and phakic implants.


Complex Cataract Surgery

Having honed Cataract surgery over three decades Dr. Gulani has acquired a global reputation to address even complex Cataract situations which most surgeons turn away as "not a candidate." Dr. Gulani approaches complex Cataract surgeries with a dedicated intensity to first determine the cause or causes of the presenting complexities.


Cataract Enhancement Surgery

At Gulani Vision we are proud to note that we have had a 0 (Zero)% enhancement rate underscored by Dr. Gulani's experience over three decades, diligence in personally measuring your eyes, and artistically custom designing the surgery to your eyes as opposed to applying "cookie-cutter" Cataract to every patient. We are a referral center for eye surgeons seeking enhancement for their cataract surgery patients who may have not reached their vision goals


Cataract Complication Correction

Though Cataract Surgery is one of the most successful eye surgeries in the field of medicine, complications and side effects can occur. Over nearly 3 decades of experience as a pioneer in developing advanced Cataract surgery techniques and award-winning inventions, Dr. Gulani has developed a proprietary protocol to enhance Cataract surgery outcomes and also correct Cataract complications successfully.


Combination Cataract Surgery

As one of the pioneers of Custom Cataract surgery, Dr. Gulani has displayed his skills over time not only of performing Cataract surgery by itself but also combining it with other vision corrective surgery to take patients with extreme vision errors or complex situations to 20/20 vision. Approaching the eye as a camera Dr. Gulani decides how many optical elements (cornea, lens) are impacting that patient's vision and can uniquely correct each of them singly or in combination, simultaneously or staged over time. This is a tremendous advantage for patients that are with surgeons that are limited by their abilities – only Lasik, only cataract, or only cornea surgery therefore "fitting the patient to their surgery."’ Dr. Gulani with his vast range of surgeries and technologies can custom design to uniquely "fit the surgery to the patient."

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