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Walking my Talk!

The struggle is real and the outcomes are addicting.

Here I am as worldwide 🌍patients have started landing ✈️ in since yesterday for surgery all week.

Despite intensive diagnostics 👁 and technological investigations 👨‍💻 at my Institute, you see me personally struggling to Refract these patients through dense #cornealscars , multiple #radialkeratotomy cuts, Ectatic #keratoconus Corneas, subluxated lenses, failed #crosslinking,Irregular topographies, Astigmatism’s and Lasik Complications till I find my GOLD 🏆( their Vision Potential)

Many of them are doctors and attorneys, all of them extremely high IQ, having dealt with at least 4 to 5 well meaning Eye surgeons worldwide 🌍 but called “impossible” as they journey 🚣‍♂️ tirelessly seeking beyond #contactlenses and #transplant

Disregard the Difficulty 👻 level; Aim for Perfection 🎯

Empathize 🤝, Attack 🥊and Deliver🎁!

This Is REFRACTIVE Surgery!

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