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Message for Keratoconus Skeptics

This title of “Message for Keratoconus Skeptics” is credited to this patient, Mandy F. from Wisconsin, who took on the medical world of naysayers who leave keratoconus patients visually dependent and disabled all their lives.

The fact that none of these patients have any incentive to talk about Dr. Gulani other than having received vision freedom, underscores the principals of Gulani Vision Institute, a world-renowned practice, that neither advertises nor lures patients, or provides any deals or discounts, and is known globally for Dr. Gulani’s unparalleled track record of success, unmatched surgical skills, and innovative custom designed technology and technique applications to each keratoconus eye individually.

“Simple” to “Extremely Complex” keratoconus patients seeing immediately while still under the laser: Gulani LaZrPlastique®.

Like every patient of Dr. Gulani who tries to go back to the forums/social media groups to share their ecstatic stories from GulaniVision, she was either denied access or blocked by administrators of these groups/forums, who she felt did not want the world to know that there is an option of vision beyond their agenda of keeping keratoconus patients visually imprisoned and dependent on their expensive contact lenses or debilitating corneal transplants. While Dr. Gulani does believe contact lenses do have a place in keratoconus management, what patients need to realize is that there are uniquely designed techniques and technology that can safely and permanently fix their vision in most cases. Many of these so called “Keratoconus Experts” who advertise and lure patients are usually  limited by their own surgical inabilities and lack of innovative concepts and in fact seek Dr.Gulani and fly their complications to him when in trouble.

What is truly amazing about Dr. Gulani is that neither does he advertise to attract more patients, nor does he incentivize any eye surgeon to refer their patients to him. Instead, he selflessly teaches his concepts (“Think Outside the CONE”) and three decades of surgical expertise to fellow eye surgeons, optometrists, and eye care industry in an effort to help them rise and perform for keratoconus patients. Therewith allowing his surgical outcomes for keratoconus patients and their non-incentivized testimonials on video as the highest accountability of his work in a tireless effort to inspire his profession.

Watch this video as Dr. Gulani explains his concepts for Keratoconus correction at an International Conference for eye Doctors.

The worldwide GulaniVison patients have taken up the task of saving their fellow Keratoconus patients and showing them hope.
As Dr.Gulani often teaches, “Though there are no guarantees for any outcomes especially in situations like Keratoconus, the fact that each doctor needs to fight for every Keratoconus patient’s vision should be every patient’s birthright!”

–Team Gulani Academy

Keratoconus patients from all over the world now able to see!

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