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Past, Present, and Future of LASIK: GulaniVision

Birth of LASIK; Decades Ago! It has been Dr. Gulani’s privilege to share and interact with the late Dr. Jose Ignacio Barraquer (father of refractive surgery) from South America as their passions were aligned, while Dr. Barraquer introduced concepts of Lamellar Refractive and Lasik surgery and Dr. Gulani discussed his burning desire to raise it […]

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LASIK Consumer Guide

As a consultant and advisor to patients, eye surgeons and the eyecare industry worldwide, Dr. Gulani stresses on the importance of seeing clearly on two levels: • For Eye Surgeons to strive for vision beyond 20/20 in their patients.• For patients to research your Surgeon and SEE clearly thru the advertising maze. The real basis […]

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Fixing Previous Surgeries

Dr. Gulani is fondly known by colleagues and eye care industry worldwide as the “Mr. Fix-It” for previous eye surgeries of surgeons world-wide. Utilizing his proprietary KLEARTM techniques with cutting edge technology and custom designed surgical approaches, Dr. Gulani believes that surgical complications and poor outcomes can indeed be corrected and even reversed in most […]

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Quiz your Surgeon

When you come in for your consult you will actually meet with Dr.Gulani and he will take all the time needed to explain and educate you in your best interest. Dr.Gulani is a strict believer in educating patients and also against any media hype and false advertising. He will breakdown all testings and test results […]

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Dr. Gulani teaches surgeons the importance of recognizing the ART of Lasik & Cataract by understanding the cornea and the whole spectrum of corneal surgery. Dr. Gulani states that besides Technique and Technology, the third “T” is of equal, if not more importance and that is “Tissue” (in this case; Cornea). Corneal surgical experience and knowledge […]

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LASIK Forte™ (with CXL)

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Topography Guided Laser

Since the curvature or shape of your cornea (front clear window of your eye) decides, in most cases, whether you are nearsighted (steep curvature), farsighted (flat curvature) or have astigmatism (football shape as opposed to a basketball shape), corneal Topography is helpful in planning Laser Refractive Surgery of all kinds. In certain eyes where this […]

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Wavefront Optimized Laser

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LASIK Enhancement

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