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Category: Radial Keratotomy (RK)

Attorneys Testify to Gulani RK Correction

Attorneys testify to Dr. Gulani’s world supremacy in correcting Radial Keratotomy complications by themselves undergoing his proprietary, custom-designed techniques. “Accepts, Performs and Delivers; for the WORLD: Being an Attorney, I did my research (Reviewed Dr.Gulani’s website over 8 times) traveled from El Paso, TX all the way to him in Florida since no surgeon I […]

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RADIAL KERATOTOMY (RK) & Future Technology at Gulani Vision Instituter

Radial Keratotomy as the name suggests involved surgically making Radial (think spokes of a wheel) cuts in the cornea (front view finder of our eye) to treat nearsightedness (myopia). Why is this important? First of all, it was a precursor to LASIK eye surgery to help people see without glasses and secondly, thousands of these […]

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5 Reasons to Seek Radial Keratotomy Correction:

Radial Keratotomy was a surgery performed in the 1980s that was popularized in Russia from an intelligent finding off a car windshield accident that left a young man’s cornea sliced in Radial (think spokes of a wheel) fashion that ended up flattening that cornea and hence correcting that patient’s nearsightedness (myopia). Late Dr. Syatoslav Fyodorov […]

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The 5S System for RK Correction

Dr. Gulani’s Surgical Pearls & Concepts for Surgeons Correcting RK Eyes Refraction is what starts the thought process with every patient. It doesn’t matter if the cornea has opacity. The refraction is what we concentrate on. Refraction helps provide a pathway to improve someone’s vision notwithstanding the number, pattern, or irregularity and density of cuts. […]

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Through Their EYES 👀

Sharing with you all the pain that these worldwide 🌎 patients feel traveling to me tirelessly ✈️being told by every eye surgeon that nothing can be done👻 for them and yet, here they are day one after surgery seeing perfect 👌 and ready to fly back home 🏠 . Some of them from last Friday […]

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Correcting Radial Keratotomy Complication 👻 Patients from all over the world 🌍.

These RK patients came with poor, double and distorted vision from 4 to 28 cut RK incisions, 3.00 to 27.00 D #irregularastigmatism , blinding #cornealscar, failed #cataractsurgery, failed #crosslinking, #ptk etc. You can see in this video how they react to their immediate improvement in vision despite being told by multiple doctors that nothing could […]

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“As patients started landing ✈️ today from all over the world 🌎 having arrived for surgery on their second eye 👁 , many of them #radialkeratotomy surgery complications with #cataract, their excitement 😃, their celebration 🎉 , their child like antics to express their happiness filled my heart ❤️ as I get ready to once […]

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Fixing Complex Radial Keratotomy Cataracts

Fixing Complex Radial Keratotomy Cataracts Delivering vision 👀, one Radial Keratotomy Cataract after another all day for patients from all over the world 🌎 All these patients from different parts of the world; many are Attorneys, doctors etc have similar stories having seen numerous surgeons and being labeled as “impossible” and “nothing can be done”, […]

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“Still have my old and new Gulani Vision!” – Dawn F.

“‘I’m sorry please get up from the surgery table and go see your eye surgeon in Florida who worked your magic on your first eye’ these are the words of my eye surgeon in Pennsylvania on seeing my extremely complex Radial Keratotomy and dense Cataract. I immediately booked my travel to see my Dr. Gulani […]

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Fixing LASIK Complication Cocktails 🍸

“Fixing LASIK Complication Cocktails 🍸 #wednesday Sharing another day of fixing XTreme #lasiksurgery complications for patients from all over the world 🌎 especially those with what I call complication Cocktails 🍸 meaning they have had multiple surgeries by same or different surgeons so these patients all had from 4 to 12 different surgeries including combinations […]

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