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Direction is Important:

“GPS:Gulani Planing System In life as in surgery I emphasize the importance of direction. In this image top row, you can see a patient with Blinding Corneal Scars and Radial Keratotomy Surgery referred to me after cataract surgery was already done by the surgeon. That is an improper GPS, the cornea should have been corrected […]

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“Live With It”

“Numerous patients have mentioned these statements from their surgeons as they have flown to me over three decades. Having heard this three times in this week itself especially in an emotional story of this patient who flew in from New York today morning, I thought of sharing this with you all.   I have shared […]

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Believe, Perform, Inspire!

“It’s my pleasure to share another regular day at my Institute for eye surgeons and optometrists worldwide as I appreciate your interest and continue in my endeavor to encourage you to think Vision and let Surgery and Technology follow. You will see how what you initially thought as a Complex patient will suddenly become simple […]

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Teaching the Gulani Difference!

“Dr. Arun Gulani, thanks for teaching me the difference between Fact and Faith: Fact is when any doctor diagnoses illnesses in a report. Faith is when good doctors like you give their patients the strength to see. When other doctors gave up on my eyes, you are the one who designed the surgery for me. […]

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WORLD’S 1st Congress dedicated only to Scleral lenses was a great success.

The speakers are some of the best Scleral lens fitters in the world! It feels wonderful to be surrounded by greatness. They all presented outstanding lectures at the ICSC International Congress of Scleral Contacts (1st Annual). Scleral lenses can be miraculous for some patients with serious eye problems. Tom Arnold, Julie Abraham, and I are […]

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Flashback: Dr. Gulani’s Invited Guest for a Guest Lecture

“Very excited for Dr. Gulani’s Invited Guest lecture, “A Doctor Beyond Medicine; The GULANI Story”, at Nova Southeastern University July 27th @5pm! Inspiration “One on One” with the Legend; Arun C. Gulani M.D., M.S.”

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For Eye Doctors only, Releasing Our GPS Series

For Eye Doctors only, Releasing Our GPS Series in response to your overwhelming appreciation for my teachings in the worldwide webinars over the weekend.I have picked 2 among our patients from today and would ask all of you eye surgeons and optometrists what YOU would do to bring them to 20/20 Vision.These are simple cases […]

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