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Complex LASIK

Having honed Lasik surgery over 3 decades Dr. Gulani has acquired a global reputation to address even complex LASIK situations which most surgeons turn away as “Not a Candidate.” Complex Lasik situations may range from thin cornea, high astigmatism, dry eyes, previous RK (Radial Keratectomy), irregular corneas, associated corneal pathologies like dystrophies and scars, including anatomical challenges unique to certain patients like deep eye sockets, extremes of vision errors, and even pupil size abnormalities using his full armamentarium of Lasik techniques and technologies.

Dr. Gulani photographed with his patients

Dr. Gulani has successfully corrected numerous complex eyes and continues to teach this skill to Lasik surgeons worldwide. Serving the Jacksonville areas with LASIK, schedule your consultation with Dr. Gulani and finally experience the clear vision you have always wanted.

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