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Dr. Gulani describes pinguecula as a miniature or small pterygium and having successfully corrected pterygium with his no-stitch amniotic surgery he has become a world destination for patients seeking pinguecula correction for cosmetic reasons. Dr. Gulani has shared his 3 decades of success for eye surgeons in his textbook.


Pinguecula patients seek Dr. Gulani from all over the world with a desire to have a cosmetically appealing eye along with resolution of common symptoms like red, irritated eyes with associated dryness and even scarring which can impact vision adversely in advanced cases.

While teaching pinguecula surgery globally, Dr. Gulani encourages eye surgeons to empathize with patients who complain about pinguecula and genuinely understand their suffering which could range in severity from patients’ heightened self-consciousness about appearance, lowered self-esteem, even to the point of depression.

before and after photo of pinguecula eye surgery

Diagnostics and Treatment:

In a detailed personal consultation with advanced technology, Dr. Gulani evaluates not only the pinguecula and its anatomical and optical impact, but also associated dry eyes and visual status to then custom design his treatment and surgical plans to each patient to deliver the best outcome with the safest approach in that patient’s best interest.

ophthalmologist with individual patients after surgery
Pingueculae patient surgery experience at Gulani Vision.

Dr. Gulani over three decades has honed his “No-Stitch” surgical technique; SPARKLE™ (Sutureless Pinguecula Excision with Amniotic Reconstruction and Lamellar Keratectomy) that has resulted in hundreds of ecstatic patients worldwide. Using premium technologies including his own award-winning surgical instruments, Dr. Gulani uses the human placenta (Amniotic Membrane), to not only anatomically correct the area of surgical excision, but also to elegantly and aesthetically cover it giving a dual advantage of a cosmetic outcome along with ocular surface rejuvenation which also addresses the commonly associated dry eyes. He undertakes these intricate microsurgical techniques without stitches (“No-Stitch”) using tissue glue. His proprietary SPARKLE™ technique besides being atraumatic (no injection, no needles) to the patient, and aims for a cosmetic outcome, also prevents recurrence of the pinguecula which is the “Achilles’s heel” of traditional pinguecula surgeries. Patients from all over the world have been seeking Dr. Gulani’s services and eye surgeons have been flying in to Jacksonville to learn from his techniques and instrumentations.

Most patients with pinguecula travel to Dr. Gulani with a common complaint that their eye doctor did not take their symptoms seriously and casually dismissed them with eye drops and a “there is nothing to do” or “live with it” judging them with perceived vanity over genuine concern. While teaching pinguecula surgery globally Dr. Gulani encourages eye surgeons to empathize with patients who complain about pinguecula and genuinely understands their suffering which ranges from in severity in categories from patients’ heightened self-consciousness about appearance, lowered self-esteem, even to the point of depression.

Though we do not guarantee outcomes of pinguecula surgery cosmetic or otherwise, the glowing testimonials of our worldwide patients underscores their gratification from our surgical results.


Since Pterygium and Pinguecula can be associated with refractive errors (glasses and contact lens prescriptions like nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, reading glasses, etc) and also in some cases with age related cataracts, Dr. Gulani has developed a systematic approach with unlimited technology and techniques; KLEAR™ includes all forms of surgeries including Corneal (Kerato), Lens Implants/Cataract/ICL (Lenticulo),and Lasik/PRK/LenZoPlastique/Intacs/CXL (Refractive). KLEAR™ guided by his proprietary GPSTM has successfully addressed not only first time candidates but also those with complex and Botched surgeries in many cases to successful pterygium and pinguecula removal along with 20/20 vision outcomes.

Patients with pinguecula undergo extensive diagnostics and a detailed personal consultation with Dr. Gulani where he further classifies the pinguecula anatomically, visually, and functionally including by location (one sided or both sided of the eye) to then custom design his no stitch surgery accordingly.

Further categorizing pinguecula with its associated conditions like:

  1. Pinguecula with dry eyes
  2. Pinguecula with vision errors (glasses or contact lens prescription)
  3. Pinguecula with cataracts
  4. Pinguecula with previous surgeries

Pinguecula with Dry Eyes

In Dr. Gulani’s experience most pinguecula patients have ocular surface instability and dry eyes. Using his propriety m.o.i.s.t.TM therapy Dr. Gulani first corrects the dry eyes and stabilizes the ocular surface to then proceed with pinguecula surgery. In some cases he may even do the dry eye therapy after surgery.

Pinguecula & LASIK

No-cut No-Blade All Laser LaZrplastique to see without glasses and contact lenses in pinguecula patient.

Many patients with pinguecula may have associated vision errors like nearsightedness (myopia), farsightedness (hyperopia), astigmatism, or presbyopia (reading glasses). With KLEARTM, Dr. Gulani can custom design vision corrective surgeries to also fix these associated vision errors. Based on his detailed assessment for that particular patient Dr. Gulani will then plan the sequence of these two surgeries. Performing either the vision corrective surgery (Nex-Gen Lasik or cataract) before or after the pinguecula surgery. In certain selective cases he may even do it combined in the same sitting always following the patient’s best interest and safety.

Pinguecula with Cataracts

As a pioneer of custom cataract surgery Dr. Gulani can address all kinds of cataract including those with associated vision errors (nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism,) to correct the patient’s vision and tailor his plan to correct the cataract before or after pinguecula surgery or in certain cases even in the same sitting.

ophthalmologist dr gulani speaking at an event

Pinguecula with Previous Surgeries

Many pinguecula patients may have already undergone laser or cataract surgery and Dr. Gulani teaches surgeons to be mindful of not damaging their previous surgical area or vision. Dr. Gulani’s no-stitch elegant amniotic technique successfully has a proven track record of maintaining and in some cases even enhancing the patient’s vision.

Fixing Pinguecula Recurrence and Complications

Dr. Gulani is a world resource for pinguecula patient that have had recurrent or complications with their surgeon elsewhere. Using his no-stitch amniotic reconstructive techniques Dr. Gulani has successfully corrected numerous patients and relieved them of their recurrence and complications and in many cases bringing them back to vision outcomes.


Lifestyle changes including eye protection from sunlight and harsh climate will always help – against progression of the disease, and also post surgical rehabilitation to the best possible outcome.

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