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Advanced Surgeries


Dr. Gulani was among the First in the World to be exposed to the LASIK Laser internationally in the early1990s and involved in early clinical trials years before FDA approval in the USA.

While LASIK surgeons in the USA started performing LASIK surgery in 1995, Dr. Gulani had already become a Lasik instructor for surgeons worldwide and invented award-winning Lasik surgical instruments.

Over three decades of continued innovation with an enviable track record of success along with his award-winning inventions, publications and international teachings to colleagues globally especially having consistent success with some of the most varied and complex Lasik cases from all over the world have resulted in Dr. Gulani’s new innovation: NexGen Lasik surgery - LaZrPlastique™



As we age, our eyes undergo visual changes to result in poor vision, both, in quality and quantity. Think of our natural crystalline lens as being jelly-soft and clear as a diamond. Over time, it gets cloudy and hard. This stage of progressively decreasing vision is defined as cataract which usually has a certain level of opacity and blindness quotient impacting the patient’s lifestyle adversely.

Even though millions of cataract surgeries are performed throughout the world every year and it is called a “Routine” procedure by many doctors, Dr. Gulani teaches eye surgeons worldwide that “No Cataract surgery should be ROUTINE”.



Refractive lens exchange (RLE), also called lens replacement surgery or clear lens extraction (CLE), is an elective refractive surgery procedure in which the natural crystalline lens of the eye is removed and replaced permanently with an artificial lens implant to correct the refractive error (Nearsightedness, Farsightedness and or Astigmatism) along with Presbyopia (reading glasses) improvement. RLE surgery is similar to cataract surgery; however, in RLE, the procedure is performed primarily to change the refractive properties of the eye rather than to remove a cataract that has developed in the lens of the eye.


Vision Correction Surgery

Just like a camera, the eye has a cornea (viewfinder), the shape of which decides vision. Astigmatic corneas are shaped like a football (oval) as opposed to being shaped like a basketball (spherical). In a perfectly round cornea the light that enters the eye bends evenly to create a clear image. If the eye is shaped more like a football the light is bent more in one direction than others.



Vision ICL is one among many phakic implant technologies (used in addition to the patients natural crystalline lens) that are manufactured to help patients with extreme vision errors such as high myopia. Dr. Gulani was involved in one of the first US clinical trials of phakic implant designs having experience with Japanese Momose and French Bikoff lens the Dutch Worst lens and the Russian Fyodorov lens which ultimately came to be known as the Visian ICL. Site this Dr. Gulani’s experience with these technologies and their evolution over time allowed him to master not only the function and delivery of these phakic implants but also project their future direction in vision corrective surgery. Among all the phakic implant technologies Dr. Gulani’s preferred technology is the Visian ICL.



Many patients in the 80’s underwent Radial Keratotomy (RK) to correct nearsightedness and many of them experienced vision deterioration over time. Over the last three decades, Dr. Gulani has seen practically every possible pattern of Radial Keratotomy cases in his experience of correcting post-RK Vision for patients worldwide.


Corneal Scars

With over three decades of correcting corneal scars straight to vision, Dr. Gulani has seen practically every possible type of corneal scar. Following a detailed personal consultation with the patient along with advanced diagnostic Dr. Gulani unleashes a uniquely designed surgical plan with cutting-edge technology and technique application to bring thousands of patients from all over the world to their best vision potential.



Dr. Arun C Gulani is a world renowned eye surgeon and teacher sought not only patients but also by fellow eye surgeons for his innovative and time tested outcomes over the last three decades.

Here you shall find what is a hallmark of Dr. Gulani's practice with surgical skills and drive, patient safety and ethics and a no-nonsense approach in helping Keratoconus patients achieve freedom from their "Vision Imprisonment" Patient reactions and testimonies with no incentive or scripts, surgical videos for surgeons in selflessly sharing his techniques and medical articles with a dedication to educate.

He approaches Keratoconus (Keratoglobus and Pellucid Marginal Degeneration) as a refractive disorder and custom-designs surgery uniquely to each patient aiming to make these patients see without glasses or contact lenses keeping corneal transplants as the last resort.



Pterygia and pingueculae can present themselves as red bumps over the white of your eyes and are some of the oldest eye pathologies that eye doctors confront. Presentations vary in various tissue distributions and vascular patterns from small atrophic lesions to large aggressive vision-compromising fibrovascular growths in advanced cases.

Dr. Gulani over three decades has honed a “No-Stitch” surgical technique; SPARKLE™ (Sutureless Pterygium Excision with Amniotic Reconstruction and Lamellar Keratectomy) that has resulted in hundreds of ecstatic patients worldwide. Patients from all over the world have been seeking Dr. Gulani’s services and eye surgeons have been flying in to Jacksonville to learn from his techniques and instrumentations.



Dr. Gulani describes pinguecula as a miniature or small pterygium and having successfully corrected pterygium with his no-stitch amniotic surgery he has become a world destination for patients seeking pinguecula correction for cosmetic reasons. Dr. Gulani has shared his 3 decades of success for eye surgeons in his textbook.



The Gulani no-stitch amniotic techniques have been successfully used for over 2 decades in patients with conjunctivochalasis, also known as mechanical dry eye.



Meibomian gland dysfunction and chalazion have been successfully addressed by Dr. Gulani’s minimally invasive nonsurgical approach using proprietary m.o.i.s.t. techniques.


Corneal Transplant

Dr. Gulani’s full range of minimally invasive, no-stitch corneal transplant techniques address tissue replacement in selective layers for addressing anterior to posterior corneal pathologies.


Dry Eye

Dry eyes could present with mild to persistent discomfort in the form of a relentless disorder affecting millions of patients throughout the globe. For over 3 decades, Dr.Gulani’s custom designed dry eye management using his proprietary m.o.i.s.t. has helped thousands of patients worldwide not only in their symptoms but also in many cases, improving their vision.


Not A Candidate?

All across the country, eye surgeons are promising patients that they will restore their ability to see which will dramatically improve their confidence and revitalize their spirit. They promise that they can “stop” and “fix” diseases and refractive disorders and that with their surgeries- will restore their patient’s ability to see 20/20.



Dr. Gulani teaches surgeons the importance of recognizing the ART of Lasik & Cataract by understanding the cornea and the whole spectrum of corneal surgery.

This ART of blending a full spectrum of corneal surgery as a therapeutic approach either before (To prepare the cornea) or after Laser vision surgery (to repair the cornea) is what Dr. Gulani has introduced as CORNEOPLASTIQUE™


Fixing a Botched Surgery

Dr. Arun C. Gulani is a world destination for patients who have had “Botched” surgeries elsewhere as in complications of Cataract surgery, Multifocal lens implants, Lasik complications , Keratoconus, Radial Keratotomy surgical complications etc.

He not only provides hope but fights for each patient’s vision to his best ability as is noted by patients who seek him from all over the globe. Noted eye surgeons from all over the country and world regularly refer their complications to Dr. Gulani with full confidence that he has the track record, surgical skills and integrity in only doing what is right for the patient in not only salvaging their complications but in most cases bringing their vision to 20/20.


Enhancing Previous Surgery

At Gulani Vision we are proud to note that we have had a 0 (Zero)% enhancement rate underscored by Dr. Gulani’s experience over three decades, diligence in personally measuring your eyes, and artistically custom designing the surgery to your eyes as opposed to applying “cookie-cutter” procedures to every patient.

Though patients may have had successful surgeries with other surgeons, in some cases it might not reach the patient’s vision goals. This can be attributing to a number of causes such as inaccurate measurement of the eye, inaccurate application of the technologies, unpredictable healing of the eye, and also possibly regression of the effect.


Dr. Gulani not only offers custom-designed Lasik & Cataract Techniques (KLEAR™) with cutting edge Technologies, but also his 3 decades of pioneering experience to design the full spectrum of Laser  techniques using his proprietary GPS protocols to address the whole spectrum of eye conditions that require freedom from glasses or contacts.

Dr. Gulani Performing Surgery
Introducing GPS from Dr. Arun Gulani

Dr. Gulani approaches each eye like a camera and designs a customized plan for each patient’s individual vision goals.

He believes that the very question of “Am I a candidate doctor” is un-warranted. It arises only because most surgeons perform one or two techniques of surgery and hence try and fit the surgery to the patient (Candidacy?).

Dr. Gulani believes that this approach is flawed in that it pre-decides the surgery (due to limited options and abilities of the surgeon) instead of determining what is “Best for the patient”.

Eye surgery to decrease our dependence on glasses or contact lenses and also to enhance existing vision fall under a sub-specialty called Refractive Surgery or Vision Corrective Surgery.

LASIK is just one among over 20 Laser Vision Surgeries (ie. Custom Lasik, LaZrPlastique™, Wavefront Lasik, EpiLasik, Lasek, SBLasik, Bladeless Lasik, PRK, ASA etc), which are among 40 Vision Corrective Surgeries and combinations that Dr. Gulani performs.

Dr. Gulani With Susanne Scheunke

“I have depicted Dr. Gulani in my painting as the da Vinci of eye surgery for raising vision Surgery to an ART”
– Susanne Scheunke, International Artist

Armed with so many techniques and technologies, he follows his extensive diagnostic evaluation during his personal consultation with you following which he determines the best technique or even combinations to aim for the best vision for your individual eye.

This is where he has suggested a paradigm shift from “Routine or Cookie-Cutter” to “Customized”, raising eye surgery itself to an ART making Vision the accountable endpoint of all eye surgery by intelligently manipulating the interplay of optical components within the eye (Gulani AC : ART of Vision Surgery: 111. SU-80-03. Presented at XXXII World Congress of Ophthalmology & Deutsche Ophthalmologische Gesellschaft, Berlin, Germany).

You may not be a candidate for the following most common reasons:

  1. You may have Thin Cornea, Extreme Nearsightedness, High Astigmatism, Corneal scar etc.
  2. You may have had Lasik or some refractive surgery in the past.
  3. Also you may be a complication/ side effect or long term anomaly of a previous Refractive surgery.

All of these “Not a Candidate” causes can be effectively addressed as you can see in the choice of surgical options (and combinations) below.

LASIK/Laser ASA/PRK/EpiLasik/Lasek/Wavefront/Bladeless
Custom CATARACT/LASER Cataract Surgery/ReStor/Rezoom/Crystalens/Tecnis
Radial Keratotomy (RK) Correction
Corneal Scar Correction (CorneoplastiqueTM)
Pinguecula/Pterygium/Red Eye
Reversal of refractive surgical complications
INTACS/Keratoconus/Collagen Crosslinking/C3R
Dry Eye/MGP/Lipflow
Corneal Transplant/Artificial Corneal Transplant
Fuchs Dystrophy/DSAEK/DMEK/DSEK
ICL/Implantable Lenses/Visian ICL

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