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LASIK Jacksonville

LASIK In Jacksonville, Florida; for the World!

There are LASIK surgeons, and then there is Dr. Gulani!

For over 3 decades, Dr. Gulani has helped pioneer techniques and technologies in LASIK surgeries that has helped millions of people to see the world more clearly, free from the dependence of glasses and contact lenses. Dr. Gulani was among the first in the world to not only perform LASIK surgery but also provide second opinions to eye surgeons in the United States years before they started performing LASIK. Having invented award-winning LASIK Surgery Instruments and protocols, Dr. Gulani continues to share his experience in authored publications and textbooks while teaching at prestigious conferences globally.

To determine if you are a Lasik eye surgery candidate or qualify for a variant of Lasik surgery, you don’t have to look for a “Lasik eye surgery near me” or “Lasik eye surgery cost near me”, you must do your due diligence and find one of the best Lasik eye surgeons globally. Custom-designing to provide over 20 different LASIK surgeries, Dr. Gulani has turned Jacksonville, FL into a vision destination for the world.

What is LASIK?

Vision is one your most precious senses, and in a sense, it’s one of the most delicate. As a result, eye doctors and researchers have sought better ways to correct vision problems since the invention of eyeglasses. The invention of the excimer laser in the 1970s provided a new tool, and in 1990, the first laser eye surgery was performed. Laser vision correction was approved in the U.S. in 1995.

Dr. Gulani has been involved in LASIK surgery, (Lasik meaning, Laser Assisted in-Situ Keratomileusis) for 3 decades along with Industry innovations with surgeons among the First in the nation to perform LASIK surgery. He performs the full range of LASIK surgeries as listed below and has honed the surgery itself into a new generation, NexGen LASIK technique.

Dr. Gulani’s award winning LASIK surgery instruments.

Dr. Gulani’s passion to help people see without glasses with a track record of over 3 decades can be traced back to lamellar refractive surgery (Keratomileusis, Keratophakia, and Automated Lamellar Keratoplasty [ALK]) while interacting in sharing and learning with worldwide pioneers like Dr. Jose Ignacio Barraquer, known as the father of modern refractive surgery.The origin and principles of Lasik eye surgery is interesting since it started as the original and laborious Keratomileusis (Shaping the Cornea) surgery into the technologically savvy and brief Lasik surgery recovery where Lasik surgery side effects are minimal especially with Dr. Gulani’s custom-designed and individually focused techniques.

It is this power of Dr. Gulani with a solid foundation in the past, intricate surgical skills, and keen vision of the future that has allowed him to lead the world of LASIK surgery with an enviable rate of success and vision outcomes commemorated by ongoing testimonials of his worldwide patient clientele.

Thus LASIK Eye Surgery is actually a combination of lamellar corneal surgery (the first step of making a LASIK flap) of the past with the newly invented Eximer Laser (the second step of laser ablation after flap creation) at sub-micron tolerance. LASIK Eye Surgery is the world’s most common form of a surgical vision correction procedure and has been used to treat three of the most common vision-related problems:

  • Myopia (nearsightedness)
  • Hyperopia (farsightedness)
  • Astigmatism (blurred vision at any distance)

With Dr. Gulani’s unique ability to design LASIK surgery individually to each eye (as opposed to “cookie-cutter” LASIK performed by most surgeons elsewhere) he can correct more than one of these vision issues at the same time (i.e. myopia and astigmatism).

We welcome you to a personal consultation with Dr. Gulani for advanced diagnostic testing to determine your individualized vision plan (miVision – GulaniVision).

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How Is LASIK Eye Surgery Performed?

LASIK Eye Surgery is performed entirely with Lasers and works by changing the shape of the cornea. This alteration helps to change the way images are focused on the retina. The process is done in minutes and involves two significant steps.

  • Creation of a tiny flap on the surface of the eye; it is then gently turned back to reveal access to the cornea.
  • The computer programmed Excimer Laser gently changes the cornea’s shape, and the flap is gently returned into place. This procedure usually allows people to return to work the next day.

Dr. Gulani’s passion in designing LASIK surgery by customizing the creation of the flap in size, thickness, and orientation while also modifying Laser algorithms allows him to safely apply LASIK surgery to each patient while aiming in most cases to beyond 20/20.

Dr. Gulani’s custom designed LASIK flaps with innovative LASIK lighting system.

What are the success rates of LASIK in Jacksonville?

Though Dr. Gulani’s success rate in LASIK surgery is legendary, we encourage you to understand your individual eye health and vision potential with full understanding of the risks and benefits prior to proceeding with surgery.

The Journal of Cataract & Refractive Surgery reported in 2016 that LASIK has a 96% patient satisfaction rate. Additionally, the American Academy of Ophthalmology has conducted several studies on the effectiveness of LASIK and the results have been very positive. For more information regarding LASIK risks and successes please feel free to visit the American Refractive Surgery Council website.

The best way to ensure your successful outcome is to research your LASIK surgeon, meet with them personally, and confirm that they are designing a plan tailored to your individual eyes. You owe it to yourself to find the best LASIK surgeon in Jacksonville, who is sought by patients to be in the best in the World.

Your Unique LASIK consultation with Dr. Gulani.

At Gulani Vision Institute we pride ourselves in having defied the very norm of most medical practices having created a 7-star ambience and personalizing the patient interaction with a concierge customer service and compassionate doctor-patient relation famously expressed by worldwide patients as the Gulani Vision Experience!

Dr. Gulani takes the time to understand each patient’s visual needs and discusses the path for success. You will be required to undergo a series of advanced diagnostic technology and extensive eye exams that will help Dr. Gulani understand your individual eyes and what kind of LASIK surgery would be the best course of action for you. Dr. Gulani’s approach is very hands on and thorough so that he can obtain the best surgical results. Many LASIK eye centers do not take enough time in this critical evaluation phase, thus resulting in mediocre outcomes and unhappy patients that ultimately travel and end up being corrected by Dr. Gulani.


As a lifelong patient advocate and teacher to LASIK eye surgeons worldwide we have compiled a comprehensive LASIK FAQ a brief snapshot of which is listed below:

Is LASIK Painful?

No, LASIK is not painful. Patients often describe some slight discomfort but nothing painful.

What are the risks associated with LASIK eye surgery?

Though LASIK eye surgery is by far very successful, we have seen some patients referred to us with post LASIK dry eye, and glare, halos and starbursts. This further underscores the need for diligence in researching an experienced LASIK surgeon with a proven track record and wide spectrum of techniques.

Why does the Gulani Vision Institute offer so many choices for vision correction?

Unlike most LASIK surgery practices that offer the same “cookie-cutter” LASIK restricted to their surgeon’s limited ability Dr. Gulani’s vast experience and wide-range of surgical ability along with breakthrough technology allows him to pursue his passion to truly custom design each patient’s vision to their best potential.

Alternative Types of LASIK, laser vision correction performed by Dr. Gulani.

Worldwide Lasik Patients with GulaniVision


Over three decades of continued innovation with an enviable track record of success along with his award-winning inventions, publications and international teachings to colleagues globally especially having consistent success with some of the most varied and complex Lasik cases from all over the world have resulted in Dr.Gulani’s next generation “No-Cut, No-Blade” LASIK surgery innovation, LaZrPlastique®


PRK was the first iteration of laser vision surgery where the 193 nm Excimer Laser was used to sculpt (Photo-Ablate) the cornea. It is still a popular alternative for patients especially for those who don’t have enough corneal tissue to receive LASIK.


Dr. Gulani has honed and advanced PRK techniques into new generation “No-Cut, No-Blade” laser vision surgeries and offers techniques like Laser ASA, SBK, and TEPRK to correct vision problems such as farsightedness, nearsightedness, and astigmatism.

After going through your detailed evaluation and personal consultation with Dr. Gulani he will decide which technique or combination of techniques would be best suited to correct your vision.


Since shape of your cornea (front clear window of your eye) decides, in most cases, whether you are nearsighted (steep curvature), farsighted (flat curvature) or have astigmatism (football shape as opposed to a basketball shape), corneal topography which is used to measure the shape of your cornea can also be used to plan Laser Vision Surgery in extreme and abnormal cases.


There are many varieties of Lasik procedures used to correct vision problems such as farsightedness, nearsightedness, and astigmatism.

Wavefront implies higher order aberration (i.e. vision disorders) beyond the normal nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism, which when corrected in certain cases can improve the vision outcomes. In wavefront-optimized laser procedures different laser application algorithms and software are used to correct those higher order aberrations.



Dr. Gulani with his patients

In our experience despite treating patients of different cultures, of different countries, from all over the world; we have seen common expression of gratitude and benefits briefly listed below:

  1. Decreased dependency on glasses or contacts
  2. Ability to get up and GO!
  3. Convenience with travel
  4. No hassle with contact solutions
  5. Clear, natural vision
  6. Major lifestyle advantages with sports
  7. Improved appearance with NO glasses
  8. Improved self-esteem with confidence


Gulani & his LASIK patients

We believe that GulaniVision should be within the reach of every patient aspiring for their best vision potential and therewith have collaborated with nationally recognized LASIK financing programs, like CareCredit®. We also encourage you to look into your HAS Flex Benefits or corporate programs, while consulting with your accountants. We also accept major credit cards, debit cards and cashier’s checks as payment methods for your LASIK eye surgery.


  1. What is your experience with LASIK eye surgery?
  2. How many kinds of LASIK surgery are you capable of?
  3. Do you perform other forms of vision corrective surgery besides LASIK?
  4. What is your experience in correcting complex LASIK and LASIK complications?
  5. Why should I choose you for my LASIK surgery?
  6. Are you an American Board-Certified Ophthalmologist?
  7. Will you be involved in my pre-operative evaluation, LASIK surgery, and post-operative care or would you hand me over to another doctor or assistant?

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