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“NOT A CANDIDATE? Do not get labeled. Do not delay your care.

As we receive patients flying in from all over the world 🌎 for surgery🧑‍⚕️this week, just for fun 🤩 we decided to interview 🎙 them about how long it took to decide to fly ✈️ to us. One of these patients traveled 🧳 from Seattle having followed my work 📖 for 10 years ⏳ before […]

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No Limits!

Over 80% of patients who travel to me from their eye surgeons from all over the world 🌍 come with the same designation of “Not a Candidate”! It is important to realize that LASIK is just one among 20 laser vision techniques among 40 refractive surgical techniques among over 100 combinations and permutations that I […]

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Worldwide🌎 Patients Flying ✈️ Back Home 🏠. Many of my worldwide patients I operated on this week requested to see me in my normal attire 🤵 (no scrubs) before they flew back home. How can I ever say No. Here are some of the patients With me, celebrating 🥳 their vision 👀 after being told […]

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Motivating My #monday!

As I stepped into our Lobby 🏨 to welcome 🤝 two of our first among many worldwide 🌍patients arriving today, one from Poland 🇵🇱 and the other from Seattle, it confirmed my enthusiasm to fight 🥊 for their vision 👁. Patients kept on arriving ✈️ on schedule from all over Europe, Asia, East Coast, West […]

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Gulani Innovative Techniques

Meet the man behind everyone’s smile 😊😊. People from all over the world came for Dr. Gulani’s innovative advance surgery techniques. Dr. Arun C. Gulani, you are the best!! — with Arun C. Gulani – Swagatika T.

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From EGYPT 🇪🇬 With Love🙏.

Just another day 👨‍⚕️ at my institute and my heart ❤️ is full. My entire table, full of gifts 🎁 my dear patient @budaeiida and his family brought all the way from Egypt. Maybe my patients don’t realize that “They” are my gift! Mohammed is ecstatic with the vision in his Eye 👁 I corrected […]

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Waterfall Surgery Designer

“Waterfall Surgery Designer: Dr. Gulani designed my custom waterfall surgery with unique technology and techniques and made me reach a better vision than 20/20 without the need for corrective lens. This experience has been truly amazing with him and his wonderful team who treated me all the time as family.” Araceli Silveira del S.

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WORLD’S Family Eye Doctor

“WORLD’S Family Eye Doctor. Five sisters, all who have had their procedures performed by world renowned eye surgeon Dr Arun Gulani, in the most advanced surgery center on earth. The feeling of family and Dr Gulani actually taking time to visit and have fun with us is priceless” – Martha B.

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To Mexico with GulaniVision

“To MEXICO with GulaniVision …. I thank God and Doctor Arun C. Gulani for looking back to my dad, because everything was a success I also want to mention my brother Pedro Cortes, and Joel Cortez, 🙏 my dad returns to Mexico with that beautiful blessing, and very grateful to the Doctor , and with […]

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Arizona to GulaniVision!

“ARIZONA to GulaniVision! 8 years after Dr. Gulani unleashed Multi-focal Toric Cataract technology to bring me to 20/20 at all distances without glasses, I flew back for my post-op and he remembers me by first name and greets me himself. His innovative Pterygium surgery on my late husband, Doug, has today become a textbook where […]

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