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Am I a Candidate?

At Gulani Vision Institute we go far beyond offering only Lasik and Cataract techniques. In fact, we offer the full range of advanced laser vision surgeries negating this question of candidacy by designing each surgery to each patient uniquely.

Patients who have had eye surgery

Not a candidate?! Well here – you are!

“You do not fit the standard and therefore you are not a candidate.” This is the excuse that many eye surgeons feed to their patients daily. While this is not in their brochures, it is the unfortunate truth that patients are turned away everyday without any clear direction as to how they should move forward. However, one eye surgeon is dedicating his life in ensuring that all patients have a fighting chance and that by working together, great results can be achieved.

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Dr. Arun C. Gulani, director of the Gulani Vision Institute, located in Jacksonville, Florida is rewriting the standards of patient care one surgery at a time. Sure Dr. Gulani has an exceptional 7-star medical oasis and an impressive website that serves as reference for both patients and other eye surgeons. However, the main source of his success stems from not one or two surgeries that he has perfected, but a range of over 40 surgeries customized for each patient despite how simple or complex their case may be. Furthermore, he educates his patients and confirms to them that they indeed are candidates and that by working together, they will go beyond 20/20. This family approach allows patients to receive one-on-one attention while ensuring that whatever surgery may be needed-the end product is always superb vision. Once you have visited the institute, interacted with his staff, and seen the results of the thousands of patients who have been turned away by other surgeons, you wonder how patients receive this level of care from a world-renowned eye surgeon who owes them nothing more but exceptional treatment options.”Melissa K. (Medical Observer at Gulani Vision Institute from Ludwig-Maximilian University, Munich, Germany)

Dr. Gulani and Patients

“Am I a candidate?” is a common question used by patients seeking their vision freedom from glasses and contact lenses but is actually a misnomer. Dr. Gulani teaches eye surgeons and patients that this is a wrong way of providing surgical options resulting in many deserving patients being deprived of their right to see without glasses.

Let’s use the analogy of food for a moment. Let’s say a surgeon, like a chef, only knows how to make burgers (like “cookie-cutter” Lasik) you will only get burgers for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Now say you do not fit the criteria for their burger (you are told you are “not a candidate”). The point to understand here is you may be “not a candidate” for a burger but you may be a candidate for a gluten-free vegetarian wrap or maybe a sugar-free but exotic souffle. In summary then, what you understand then is what you need is not a cookie cutter surgeon who is limited to one or two surgeries (Lasik or cataract) but a master chef surgeon who would custom design (a vision recipe) tailored to your individual eye using the full range of his different surgical techniques and cutting-edge technologies (ingredients). So, in the name of only offering burgers patients are deprived of their option to see due to the limitations of the surgeon’s ability.


Keeping this concept in mind Dr. Gulani has pioneered the KLEARTM System of surgeries which includes nearly 20 Laser vision corrective surgeries (Lasik is one of these), 40 vision corrective surgeries, and unlimited combinations to custom fit the surgery to each eye in seeking a best vision potential.

So, if you have been told that you are not a candidate do not lose hope, thousands of candidates have traveled to our institute with that sentence and obtained their vision freedom.

Dr. Gulani and some of his many patients
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