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Category: Pterygium/Pinguecula


It gives me immense pleasure taking patients with Red 🩸 #pterygium eyes to sparkling white 💎 and watch them express their happiness 🤗 day 1 after surgery in the mirror 🪞 while one of my dear patients from 14 years ago came in for follow up and wanted to be part of sharing her experience […]

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3-D Eye Surgery

“Over a Decade ⏳ ago among the first in the world 🌍 , I had guided industry with my experience in 3-D systems in eye surgery 👨‍⚕️. It’s great to see the Ngenuity and Artevo systems finally available to my eye surgeon colleagues globally 🗺. It’s been my privilege to lead our Eye Surgery industry […]

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Make it PREMIUM!

“I had the pleasure of demonstrating today my concepts of what it means to raise #pterygium & #pinguecula to PREMIUM Surgery. As I operated 😷all day on worldwide 🌍 patients who had arrived for Pterygium and Pinguecula Surgery having suffered from chronic red 👿 eyes, associated dry eyes 🌵 , irritation and the most important […]

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“Da Vinci with a Heart” – Angel C.

“I’m another Gulani masterpiece. I travelled to Dr. Gulani with an ugly red pterygium in my eye because I heard of his artistry. From day one in the mirror he gave me sparkling white eyes! Given my profession around hair sprays and chemicals I built up irritation in this eye. It was amazing to see […]

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“Consistency in Miracles!” – Ryan W.

“Consistency in Miracles! Today is day 1, after my massive pterygium was removed by Dr.Gulani’s SPARKLE TECHNIQUE.My eyes are sparkling white.The same miracle was performed on my right eye 14 years ago and it’s still Sparkling.We are living examples that Dr.Gulani has shared in his text book for fellow eye Surgeons world wide.” – Ryan […]

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DaVinci’s Vision + Michaelangelo’s Artistry = Gulani Vision!

12 years later, Becky still has sparkling eyes after her no-stitch Pterygium surgery with Dr. Arun C. Gulani. 2 years ago, despite corneal scars, he designed a special lens surgery to bring her vision to perfection. DaVinci and Michaelangelo defines Dr. Gulani’s surgical skills, futuristic vision, and selfless desire to teach colleagues worldwide.- Ryan W.

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Consistency in Artistry – Jeanne W.

Dr. Gulani took my double pterygiums in my right eye to pearly white. I have had no pain as I am currently looking after my son. The doctors who have seen my results say Dr. Gulani must be passionate about his work to even attempt this type of procedure. He is raising pterygiums surgery to […]

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Want more evidence? – Jeanne W.

How much more evidence do surgeons need to rise up to the Gulani Standard? Visiting surgeons today were awestruck, in disbelief in seeing all of us, patients at Gulani Vision. When I finally pointed my eyes out to them and said, “Look! Here I am after Dr. Gulani fixed my very complex, recurrent pterygiums and […]

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