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Cataract Enhancement Surgery

At Gulani Vision we are proud to note that we have had a 0 (Zero)% enhancement rate underscored by Dr. Gulani’s experience over three decades, diligence in personally measuring your eyes, and artistically custom designing the surgery to your eyes as opposed to applying “cookie-cutter” Cataract to every patient.

If you are researching Cataract you have probably come across the terms enhancement, retreatment, touch-up, tune up, tweaking and re-tweaking these are all labels to describe a second laser procedure that are used to fix the outcomes of your previous Cataract surgery. Though Cataract surgery in most cases is a successful procedure it might not reach the patient’s vision goals. This can be attributing to a number of causes such as inaccurate measurement of the eye, inaccurate lens power or placement, unpredictable healing of the eye, and also possibly regression of the effect. The most common symptoms the patient may note are usually present from immediate to over 1 to 3 months after surgery. It is very important for the patient to stay in touch with their surgeon to determine the cause of the inadequate vision.

It is important to state here that in many cases despite a perfect Cataract outcome a patient may notice a decrease in their vision over time. Mistakenly many think the cataract procedure “wore off” but it is a permeant vision corrective procedure. But the aging changes of the eye just like the rest of your body contributes to vision deterioration over time. Once your surgeon has determined and confirmed inadequacy of initial Cataract surgery then based on your stability and safety can plan to enhance your vision.

Known as the final Cataract surgeon, Dr. Gulani utilizes his entire spectrum of techniques and technology to take such patients of other surgeons with inadequate outcomes and bring them to the vision end-zone.

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