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Dr. Gulani Recognized by his Alumni & Alma Mata

It is one thing to belong to one of the most prestigious teaching institutes in the world of medicine, and then it is a totally next level of satisfaction to be recognized by your peers from that esteemed institution. 30 years ago, Dr Gulani studied and graduated in the field of medicine and completed post-graduation […]

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Myopia Epidemic in Covid-19 pandemic: Dr. Gulani Interviewed in The NEWS!

#Myopia, #ShortSightedness #NearSightedness Nearsightedness is a refractive error (Glasses Prescription/Contact lens prescription) that makes people blurry in the distance. This common vision refractive error is further detailed by Dr. Gulani and his advanced diagnostics to better study and then uniquely approach with a custom designed surgery for your individual eyes. As one of the most […]

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“Around Town” with Arun Gulani from Gulani Vision Institute

“Each week on “Around Town,” our host Tiffany Howard talks to members of the Orange Park community who are making an impact. Today, Steve joins us and talks to Dr. Arun Gulani from Gulani Vision Institute. Dr. Gulani is a world destination for patients and surgeons seeking the best in vision care. “Man of Vision” […]

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A very gratifying end to a short week full of correcting all levels of Keratoconus with Over 20 different techniques and technologies and unique combinations.

A very gratifying end to a short week full of correcting all levels of Keratoconus with Over 20 different techniques and technologies and unique combinations. Sharing in this video how I emphasize clinical acumen over all diagnostics to detect keratoconus and then attack with full force and aim for 2020 vision. Will share these concepts […]

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CATARACT Surgery Revolutionized to an Experience: #GulaniBeyond2020

“Over the years, as a marketing professor for several universities, I know the world of customer service very well. But to find it in a medical practice was so REFRESHING. When I needed my cataract surgeries done and having witnessed my maternal aunt’s eye surgeries and bad outcomes, I was seeking the right answer for […]

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Webinar for Optometrists Worldwide

For Optometrists. It is my privilege to continue sharing my work with some of the most important professionals in the world of Eyecare. I have always held optometry in high regard because not only do they take care of the patients at the primary level but with modern technology like scleral contact lenses they can […]

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USSGulani! #july4th Humbled with this Honor.

USSGulani! #july4th Humbled with this Honor. The story runs pretty deep. This patient Was referred to me by his eye surgeon, herself an accomplished surgeon due to his over 20 cut Radial keratotomy Cornea with High Irregular Astigmatism and Corneal Scars with Subluxated Cataract. Besides his high complexity, he was driven to find out why […]

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The GREAT GATSBY WorldWide Conference – Posted by TeaGulaniAcademy

You have CATARACTs; What LENS? Dr.Gulani will blast fabricated limitations to encourage eye surgeons to take every patient to their best Vision Potential!

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To Those who Serve! #July4th

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“Just Another Day At GulaniVision” – Jill G.

“Just Another Day at GulaniVision! What other place would you find patients wanting to capture their Gulani Experience after traveling from Colorado and New York? These patients traveled to follow-up with Dr. Gulani after having their unique surgery 5 years ago and they are ready to travel back with experiencing what’s the norm at GulaniVision. […]

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