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Dr. Gulani was among the First in the World to be exposed to the LASIK laser internationally in the early 1990s and involved in early clinical trials years before FDA approval in the USA. While surgeons in the USA started performing LASIK surgery in 1995, Dr. Gulani had already invented award-winning LASIK instruments and became a teacher for LASIK surgeons globally.

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LASIK – Why Settle for Ordinary?:

Dr. Arun Gulani

Dr. Gulani is a pioneer with over 3 decades of experience, having raised LASIK itself to an individually-tailored spectrum of no-cut, no-blade, no-pain techniques with thousands of ecstatic patients worldwide who describe this unparalleled blend of surgical skills, track record of successful vision outcomes, and personalized, compassionate care as the “Gulani Difference”!

Settling for the so-called “best” in your city, like “Best LASIK Surgeon in Jacksonville”, is a frivolous and misleading title easily bought and advertised, not in any way validating the reputation or ability of a surgeon, similarly “First in Jacksonville” is an often fabricated and misleading title used by surgeons (usually unknown beyond their local city) that confuses a patient unless that surgeon is among first in the world, country, state, city, zip code in that order of decreasing importance. In many cases these are the reasons patients fall prey to “LASIK surgery mills” resulting in mediocre surgery and outcomes. Many such “LASIK surgery mills” and crowded group practices are financially incentivized to run through as many “eyeballs” into surgery as they can based on limited diagnostic evaluations by non-surgeon personnel, which also reflects their limited ability and surgical options they provide (for example 1 or 2 LASIK or PRK options instead of over 20 different Laser techniques), resulting in a number of patients unfortunately being told they are “not a candidate“.

You deserve one of the best LASIK surgeons in the WORLD, who happens to live in “Jacksonville”.

Dr. Gulani has experienced every LASIK technique and technology often years ahead of other eye surgeons with his international privileges. His signature style of going beyond “cookie-cutter” not only underscores his Art to best fit your unique eyes but also to develop the best vision he can no matter how simple or complex your case may be. Continuing to evolve his techniques given his passion to make people see, Dr. Gulani has raised LASIK surgery to NexGen LASIK™.

Dr. Gulani with his patients

Further, Dr.Gulani teaches NexGen LASIK™ options as:

  1. Technological: Blade Vs Laser Flaps
  2. Anatomical: Thin Flap Lasik, Hinge Axis placement, Stromal modification.
  3. Laser Application: Ablation zone size, peripheral feathering, Energy & Frequency modifications  with crossed cylinder applications

Since the curvature or shape of your cornea (front clear window of your eye) decides, in most cases, whether you are nearsighted (steep curvature), farsighted (flat curvature) or have astigmatism (football shape as opposed to a basketball shape), Dr. Gulani goes beyond Lasik surgery by providing a full range of treatments to reshape the cornea using an invisible, painless, highly accurate and computerized Laser. The entire range of procedures to re-shape the cornea using a painless and cold, 160nm Excimer Laser is called Laser Vision Surgery.

Generally, Lasik surgery involves making a flap in the cornea, like a page in a book, and then reshaping the underlying cornea with a laser. The flap can be made with a blade or a laser, and can be of different thickness or size depending on what is best for your eyes.


While most surgeons perform only Lasik, Dr. Gulani performs LASIK Surgery as an ART among a full range of over 20 Laser Vision Techniques including technology combinations. He is committed to ensure that his patients clearly understand the underlying logic behind his approach to Laser Vision Surgery and not be confused about all the hype around a “One Size Fits All” LASIK.

LASIK in Jacksonville

After a detailed personal consultation and advanced diagnostics with Dr. Gulani, he shall then decide on technique and technology to best fit your individual eyes. Schedule a LASIK consultation at Dr. Gulani’s premier LASIK center in Jacksonville today.

Dr. Gulani posing with his Jacksonville LASIK patients
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