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Vision for Humanity

The Gulani Vision family surpasses geographic boundaries as Dr. Gulani shares beyond material possessions including both his passion and talents in providing pro bono surgeries to underprivileged populations abroad while also fundraising fashion shows besides handing out his own designed suites for deserving people to enhance their own lives.

Dr. Gulani Gives the Gift of Vision

Patient Richard F. Had Astigmatism, Dense Cataracts and Head tremors who cannot speak or hear undergoes life changing Vision surgery with Dr. Gulani and is ecstatic with happiness and his new found freedom.He can be seen in his preoperative picture with coke-bottle glasses and frequent bruises from falls due to poor vision. After Dr. Gulani’s surgery, he came dressed to our Christmas party walking with confidence and hand wrote his appreciation for his “Christmas MIRACLE” of “GulaniVision”

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