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Vision for Humanity

With over 3 Decades of pro bono work around the world, while also assisting patients from financial to surgical assistance needs and mentoring future doctors, Dr. Gulani has taken the next step to extend his services globally.

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The Gulani Vision Global Foundation is a charitable, not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization (Florida registration no: CH73514), that will further expand Dr. Gulani’s profound “VISION” for the world. This foundation extends beyond the Gulani Vision institute and Dr. Gulani, inviting individuals from all over this planet to contribute to the noble task of delivering, restoring, and enhancing the most precious of all senses in humans, Vision.

This philanthropic initiative will fuel three specific categories:

  1. Aiding Needy Patients Worldwide: The foundation aims to enable underprivileged patients globally to access advanced eye surgical techniques and corrections for complications.
  2. Investing in Eye Surgical Skills Training and Technological Advances: Funding will support eye surgical skills training, mentorship programs for eye surgeons from around the world, and advancements in technology to enhance the field.
  3. Empowering Innovative Vision Restoration and Research for Advanced Vision: The foundation seeks to support cutting-edge technologies and research focused on vision restoration, pushing the boundaries of innovation.

For over 3 decades Dr. Gulani has established a proven track record by raising the bar in the world of eye surgery with his award-winning innovations and futuristic surgical techniques, including patented instruments and groundbreaking procedures like Next-generation Lasik (LaZrPlastique®), Custom- designed Cataract surgery (LenzOplastique®) and Complication repair techniques (Corneoplastique®) that have patients flying from all over the globe to the internationally famous Gulani Vision Institute, while attracting eye surgeons and eye care industry to learn, having turned Jacksonville, Florida into the Vision destination for the world.

The establishment of the Gulani Vision Global Foundation marks the next chapter in this legacy and opens an opportunity for people from all walks of life and from all over the world, to participate and add momentum to this focused endeavor, creating a global impact that transcends borders and benefits all of humanity.

World’s First; Gulani Vision iBall™ : Held on November 17th, 2023 to launch the “Gulani Vison Global Foundation”, a Charitable (501c3) Non-Profit foundation, to further serve the world of Vision.

Mr. Shad Khan (owner of the Jaguars and a Visionary at all levels) became the recipient of the First “Gulani VISIONARY Award” of the iBall™.  The Mayor’s Proclamation for Dr. Gulani’s achievements and world leadership causing record-breaking medical tourism was celebrated as he was also Pinned by the United Nations (UN) Ambassador.

Among attendees from around the world and across the nation, at the grand River Club Ball room, Dr. Gulani shared his vision and escalated it by launching this charity foundation to help give even more to deserving patients, educate aspiring surgeons, and propel the future of vision.

Leaders, Innovators, and Game changers were recognized for their achievements and contributions globally. A commitment to help humanity, while celebrating VISION & having a BALL!

The Gulani Vision family surpasses geographic boundaries as Dr. Gulani shares beyond material possessions including both his passion and talents in providing pro bono surgeries to underprivileged populations abroad while also fundraising fashion shows besides handing out his own designed suites for deserving people to enhance their own lives.

Dr. Gulani’s Global Pro Bono Work.

Besides teaching his groundbreaking techniques while designing his award-winning instruments, Dr. Gulani also devotes his skills and compassion to help irradicate blindness with his pro bono outreach globally. Not only does he perform surgeries while traveling to these lesser privileged areas of the world, he also teaches local surgeons there to provide for their communities.

Dr. Gulani Gives the Gift of Vision

Patient Richard F. Had Astigmatism, Dense Cataracts and Head tremors who cannot speak or hear undergoes life changing Vision surgery with Dr. Gulani and is ecstatic with happiness and his new found freedom.He can be seen in his preoperative picture with coke-bottle glasses and frequent bruises from falls due to poor vision. After Dr. Gulani’s surgery, he came dressed to our Christmas party walking with confidence and hand wrote his appreciation for his “Christmas MIRACLE” of “GulaniVision”

Night to Shine – Sharing More than Vision

“Thank you for the Invite TimTebow. #nighttoshine2020 An Eye-opening prom night for the specially abled where everybody was crowned king and queen 👑.I also met dear Dustin who wore my suit 🧥 and looked so handsome. We got a picture together on the red carpet. Deborah Jinright Luke so humbling to see the pride in simplification and yet how minimal in requirement life really is. Be thankful for everything and keep inspiring and encouraging others. It was an honor to volunteer at this largest night to shine event in the world 🌎 .”

– Dr. Gulani

“The Party Continues! While the Gulani Holiday party and suit giveaway was going on, Dr. Gulani noticed my son and I were not able to make it. He actually called me and kept a suit aside for us! Dustin is thrilled! Wonderful!”

– Deborah L
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