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Cataract Complication Correction

Though Cataract Surgery is one of the most successful eye surgeries in the field of medicine, complications and side effects can occur. Over nearly 3 decades of experience as a pioneer in developing advanced Cataract surgery techniques and award-winning inventions, Dr. Gulani has developed a proprietary protocol to enhance Cataract surgery outcomes and also correct Cataract complications successfully.

Given his unique grasp on the entire spectrum of Cataract surgeries including his invented surgical tools and State of the Art technologies, Dr. Gulani is a world destination for fixing complications of Cataract surgeons.

Following a detailed personal consultation with the patient along with advanced diagnostic testing he then classifies the complexities into the following categories:

  1. Surgical Complications (caused during surgery by the patient’s surgeon)
    a. Anatomical: damage to iris or cornea, lens, retina
    b. Physiological: decomposition of cornea, glaucoma
  2. Visual: patient has vision distortion or inaccurate type or power of lens implant

Armed with this detailed knowledge Dr. Gulani then determines to address as many of these as he humanly can. Unleashing a uniquely designed surgical plan with cutting-edge technology and technique application Dr. Gulani has brought thousands of patients from all over the world to their best vision potential.

He selflessly teaches his Cataract complication courses at major national and International conferences for eye surgeons having authored books, book chapters, invented award-winning surgical instruments, numerous publications and surgical videos and is a go to surgeon for global news media.

Though he is very successful in correcting complications, he stresses to patients and Cataract surgeons alike that prevention is still the best way to go.


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