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Dr. Gulani: Man of Vision

Dr. Gulani has traveled all over the world as an invited teacher and has also learned from the very pioneers of the surgeries that he performs today. He provides a full spectrum of surgical options custom-designed to the patient to reduce their dependence on glasses or contact lenses.

Dr. Arun C Gulani is a world destination for patients and surgeons seeking the best in vision care.

He not only provides hope but fights for each patient's vision to his best ability as is noted by patients who seek him from all over the globe but even renowned eye surgeons from all over the country and world  regularly refer their complications to Dr.Gulani with full confidence that he has the track record, surgical skills and integrity in only doing what is right for the patient in not only salvaging their complications but in most cases bringing their vision to 20/20.

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Dr. Gulani Meeting With Patients Dr. Gulani Meeting With Patients Dr. Gulani Meeting With Patients Dr. Gulani Meeting With Patients Dr. Gulani Meeting With Patients Dr. Gulani Meeting With Patients Dr. Gulani Meeting With Patients Dr. Gulani Meeting With Patients Dr. Gulani Meeting With Patients Dr. Gulani Meeting With Patients Dr. Gulani Meeting With Patients Dr. Gulani Meeting With Patients

For The Patients

High Tech, High Touch

Where in the world would you expect to see your eye surgeon (and known to be the world’s best) who actually greets you as you arrive (does not matter whether you flew 40 thousand miles or just walked across the street), personally sees you answers all your questions, treats you like family, performs your surgery to the highest level he sets for the world and then follows up with you personally--- a friend for life.

Our patients reciprocate Dr. Gulani's passion for them by doing fun stuff and Dr. Gulani obliges all of them. Whether it's patients who fly into Florida just to say Hi! After their successful surgery or patients who bring their families to see their "Amazing" eye doctor and get pictures and videos with him to show off to their friends.

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GulaniVision - Artist for Your Eyes

Dr. Gulani Performs All Vision Corrective Surgery as an Art

Three important points in Dr. Gulani’s mind while customizing your eye surgery are:

Safety, Logic and Outcomes

No financial incentive or deals and no technology hype or even his own World renowned status and reputation affect his decision in selecting the best surgical approach tailored for your individual eye.

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Envisioning The Future

World Renowned

World Renown as a title for Dr. Gulani’s reputation and ability takes this superlative to a higher dimension. Not a term to be used loosely, it is applicable in Dr. Gulani’s case multi-dimensionally:

Dr. Gulani Teaching to Other Eye Surgeons

Dr. Gulani teaches Advanced Lasik and Cataract Surgery to eye surgeons worldwide

Dr. Gulani With Two Patients

He has turned Jacksonville, Florida into a world destination with his global clientele

Dr. Gulani Performing Surgery

Dr. Gulani has International privileges & access to technology years ahead of his peers

Dr. Gulani With a Patient

Consultant to patients, eye surgeons, and eye care industry globally.

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Dr. Gulani Portrait - Gulani Fashions For Those Who Have Arrived!

Dr. GQ - Pleasing to the Eye

They call him Dr. GQ.  Dressed impeccably in a perfectly tailored suit of his own design, Jacksonville Ophthalmologist Arun Gulani elegantly extends his hand in a gesture of warm personal welcome to the Gulani Vision Institute.

As you attempt to curb the temptation to gape at Gulani, certainly the best-dressed doctor you’ve ever encountered, you may not be aware that you have just shaken the hand that can restore your vision to 20/20 … or better.

Internationally acclaimed as one of the world’s most skilled eye surgeons, Gulani has been called “the daVinci of eye surgery.”  With the flourish and flash of a famous artist who is certain of his talent and eager to share his gift, Gulani is, indeed, similar to da Vinci in many ways.  Far ahead of his time in the field of eye surgery and impatient for others to catch up, Gulani has invented many of the most delicate surgical instruments used by LASIK surgeons worldwide and has perfected several advanced surgical techniques that are uniquely tailored to repair corneal scarring.

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Dr. Gulani's Vision for Humanity

Dr.Gulani continues to inspire and light up the lives of those less privileged. You can see the joy on people's faces as he helps them with both his passions ie; Vision & Fashion whether it is helping with pro bono vision surgeries worldwide or handing out his own designer suits and Jackets to those in need.

Dr. Gulani Fixing Someone's JacketDr. Gulani Fixing Someone's Jacket
Woman Highlighting Gulani Vision Institute Logo

changing lives

Dr.Gulani’s dedication to inspire goes beyond eye surgeons to every level of society where he encourages people of all ages and all walks of life to excel. Besides “Changing lives” by helping people see the best they can with his artistic and individualized approach to each and every patient, he continues to mentor and guide people to follow their passion.

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Connect with Arun

World Famous yet, Down to Earth!

Dr. Gulani With a Patient Dr. Gulani With Two Patients Dr. Gulani With Two Patients Dr. Gulani With a Patient
Envisioning The Future 2

envisioning the future #GulaniBeyond2020

Envisioning the future of eye care and creating it with an enviable track record over three decades has led Dr.Gulani to be called the 'Seer" of the eye care industry as leaders and business strategists seek his input with full confidence when embarking on new technological breakthroughs and surgical applications to release to surgeons worldwide.

This ability and position of Dr.Gulani allows his patients to get the best and latest technology ahead of most surgeons nationwide without any hype while themselves becoming part of his passionate journey to help people see.

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