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Making Transplants Extinct 🦖 : Worldwide webinar:

Encouraging Eye surgeons worldwide to raise surgery to an art and unleash their patient’s vision

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Arrogance for VISION!

Sharing some of today’s surgery cases while I did a live webinar encouraging eye surgeons to never feel intimidated by the level of complexity but to be focusedly arrogant about unleashing Vision no matter how complex the situation may be. Patients from 6 to 11 D Irregular astigmatism, Corneal scars, Mature White subluxated Cataract with […]

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Upcoming: Worldwide Webinar!

Upcoming: Worldwide Webinar!rnIt’s my pleasure to accept the invite among an international faculty to address the current status of the world of medicine and how we all can get back together keeping safety as a top priority and yet defining new rules for the new future.

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