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Happy Deepavali: Beyond Sparklers, do your peepers sparkle?

In my previous column I explained the concept of cataracts and how not to wait till they mature or till you are “Blind enough”. Our eyecare industry continues to innovate and bring out new lens implant technologies to keep up with vision demands and changing vision goals of the new generation of patients looking froward […]

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The Players & the Other Reason People Fly to Jacksonville:

Jacksonville, Florida is home to The Players Championship at the beautiful Sawgrass Country Club and the internationally recognized Gulani Vision Institute, where Dr. Gulani’s world-renowned work in the field of eye care has attracted some of the world’s most famous professional golfers globally. Golf is a sport that has always been visually demanding besides being […]

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Superbowl, American Football & VISION: The ASTIGMATISM Connection

Scoring Astigmatism Touchdowns for Three Decades; GulaniVision! Football and Eyes: World-renowned Jacksonville Lasik surgeon, Dr. Arun Gulani, is passionate about taking football-shaped (Astigmatism) Corneas straight to 20/20 vision. Astigmatism Astigmatism (uh-STIG-muh-tiz-um) is a common imperfection in the curvature of your eye and can be present from birth or develop later in life. Like a camera, […]

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How To Devour Sweets 🍬 all Weekend #diwali

In a lighter vein! Gulani Diet Tips. Since not eating sweets 🍭 is not an option, I start in small doses and then build up to larger baskets 🧺 while also balancing ⚖️ the diet 😊 with sweet fruits 🍎, Different kinds of candies 🍭, and liquid interventions like Parfaits 🍦 and Milkshakes 🥛. Disclaimer: […]

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Happy #Diwali: Lights 🪔, Sight 👀, & Candies 🍬 called SEE!

Happy #Diwali: Lights 🪔, Sight 👀, & Candies 🍬 called SEE! Posted by Gulani Vision Institute on Friday, November 13, 2020

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My Privilege! #veteransday

  View this post on Instagram   My Privilege! Air Force @usairforce ,Marine @marines ,Military @usmilitary & Coastguard @uscg ; all in one day. #veteransday A post shared by Arun Gulani (@dr.arungulani) on Nov 11, 2020 at 3:22pm PST

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Veterans with GULANIVISION: #VeteransDay

Officer Pipkins brought his newborn son to Dr.Gulani and they all did a “High Five”. All this happens only at “Gulani Vision”. We thank all veterans and officers for their service. Melisa. K: Vision Services Gulani Vision Institute

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Gators 🐊 & Dawgs at GulaniVision!

Gators 🐊 & Dawgs at GulaniVision! A pleasant coincidence as I operated on true blood #gator, Bob who had traveled from California for his #radialkeratotomy & #pterygium corrective surgery ( notice the color of my surgery suite: Orange & Blue)while I had the pleasure of hosting my amazing eye surgeon colleague Dr. Johnny Gayton (a […]

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Pinned by UnitedNations!

“Pinned by UnitedNations! #UnitedNations Ambassador paid a surprise visit to our institute to honor my work with a #certificate and gifted their #pin which incidentally matched my suit color; which I had released today as part of my Fall Fashion line of #gulanifashion suits. As a regular day at my Institute, there were patients from […]

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HE is Back! – posted by Melisa@GulaniVision

Dr.Gulani returned back after a whirlwind teaching tour abroad to a pile of Thank you letters and emails from all over the world. Back in his saddle; patients fly back with GulaniVision as next week’s patients start landing in Jacksonville

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