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LASIK Variants: Bladeless LASIK, Epi-LASIK, LASEK

There are many varieties of Lasik procedures used to correct vision problems such as farsightedness, nearsightedness, and astigmatism.

Dr. Gulani posing with his patients

After going through your detailed evaluation and personal consultation with Dr. Gulani he will decide which technique or combination of techniques would be best suited to correct your vision.

Bladeless Lasik:

In traditional LASIK, an instrument known as a microkeratome cuts a thin, hinged flap into the eye’s clear surface (cornea). In Bladeless Lasik this blade is replace by a high-energy laser (femtosecond laser). The flap then is lifted for application of laser energy that reshapes the eye for vision correction. The flap is then replaced on top of the cornea to heal.


In Laser Epithelial Keratomileusis (LASEK) a shallow cut is made in the outermost layer of tissue of the cornea (the epithelium). An alcohol solution is then applied to help loosen the tissue and the surgeon pushes this new ultra-thin “flap” of epithelium off to one side of the cornea, where it remains attached to the eye (like the thicker flap of corneal tissue created during LASIK surgery). The laser is then used on the cornea to reshape the eye and correct vision. After the laser treatment is finished, the epithelial tissue is repositioned on the surface of the eye to cover the lasered area, and a bandage contact lens is placed on the eye to help promote healing.


Sub Bowman’s Keratomileusis is a  variant with Sub-Bowman (Bowman’s membrane) application of Lasik-like surgery avoids excessive tissue depth with its inherent strength (tectonic) corneal implications.

Epi – Lasik:

Another laser eye surgery, called epi-LASIK or e-LASIK, is very similar to the aforementioned LASEK procedure. But, instead of using alcohol to loosen the epithelium like in LASEK, in epi-LASEK the surgeon typically uses a blunt, plastic blade to separate the outermost layer of tissue from the eye. This avoids the possibility of a reaction from the alcohol, which can kill epithelial cells.

For over three decades as a pioneer of laser vision surgery Dr. Gulani has experienced every technique and technology often beyond other eye surgeons with his international privilege. His signature style of going beyond “cookie-cutter” underscores his art to best fit your unique eyes but also to develop the best vision he can no matter how simple or complex your case. Dedicatedly continuing to evolve his techniques given his passion to make people see, Dr. Gulani has raised LASIK surgery to a non-cutting, flapless technique called LaZrPlastiqueTM.

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