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Category: Cataract

Seeing Eye Dog 🐶 To Beyond 20/20 👁

#motivateyourmonday Among numerous worldwide 🌍patients who came in for a follow up today, here is Captain Butch #usnavy who was told that nothing could be done or “wait till you get a seeing eye dog” because of his extreme Farsightedness, polar Cataracts and seemingly “impossible” Keratoconus with Irregular Astigmatism. Here he is, not only seeing […]

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Do you have cataracts? You can now avail of one of the world’s foremost technologies in our SPA ambience without pain, without injections, without drugs and without being rushed on stretchers through surgery mills as a number. Patients from around the world 🌎 have described this as an “Out of the World” Experience. The FUTURE […]

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What is PREMIUM Surgery!

“This weekend is one of our most prolific conferences 👨‍🏫 in the world of Eye 👁 surgery, the American Academy of Ophthalmology conference. I usually get interviewed by a number of trade magazines and industry releases during this Conference time and this interview of mine took a different course once I enlightened the interviewer that […]

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It’s A Wrap #Friday

My patients know the way to my heart ❤️ #candies 🍬 #icecream 🍦 @ferrerorocherusa @haagendazs_us @seescandies. We wrapped up our Friday surrounded by my favorite candies, ice cream and some of my Amazing Gulani Angels 👩‍⚕️ 🧑‍⚕️. Performed some of the worlds 🌎 first technologies, groundbreaking techniques and delivered vision 👀 beyond expectations. Every week, […]

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Bird’s 🦜 Eye 👁 View

“Be All In! I always believe in being “All In” with my patients, right from receiving them from all over the world 🌎 to personally measuring 📏 them and custom-designing their surgeries👨‍⚕️ to executing vision freedom 👀 and then allowing them to celebrate 🎉 with me in their own special ways 🦜. In between seeing […]

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“Fearlessness Yet Diligence!” – Martha B.

“Fearlessness Yet Diligence!: When other surgeons told me nothing could be done for my One-Eyed complicated case and were too afraid to help me Dr. Arun C. Gulani brought me to 20/20.” – Martha B.

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“I finally found the doctor with the “want to”!!! “Dr. Kevin B.

“I finally found the doctor with the “want to”!!! Being a surgeon myself who was referred by renowned eye surgeons themselves to travel to Dr. Gulani, I think I’m another Gulani masterpiece who represents all of the levels of his master teachings which is that he went from surgeon to architect to maverick and brought […]

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“So thankful to Dr. Arun C. Gulani” – Michele D.

So thankful to Dr. Arun C. Gulani for being my eye surgeon. I had a complicated cataract surgery because of another dangerous eye surgery that I had previously. I was so blessed that Dr Gulani was able to give me my vision back beyond what I thought could be achieved. Not only is he a […]

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Complicated Cataracts to GulaniVIsion

“Dr. Gulani, the world famous eye surgeon, and I on Day One after my surgery. I had a very complicated cataract that required advanced techniques. He has invented some of the tools used in lasik surgery, is a teacher and has an international practice. I am so blessed that an appointment was arranged for me.” […]

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“We are his MASTERPIECES!!!” Tammy M.

“We are his MASTERPIECES!!! I came in for my follow up and I have 20/20 vision for the first time in my life without glasses. I love when I come into the office because his girls are so personable and he makes you feel family! The reason why I picked Dr.Gulani is because I met […]

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