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It's my Passion to Help People See”
Arun C. Gulani, M.D., M.S.

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GulaniWhere helping people like you see more clearly is our passion; improving safety and results is our commitment.

"“It is my pleasure to welcome you to our institute and we appreciate the trust you have placed in us for your vision needs.

I consider it my distinguished privilege to serve your vision needs and it is my dedicated passion to work hard for each and every patient combining advanced technology with individualized surgical plans to customize vision to the best of my ability. We are humbled by the superlatives that fellow physicians, patients and media have bestowed upon us but at no point do I want that to be a presumption of superior skills or guarantees for outcomes. No surgery is perfect and every surgery can have side effects and complications.

It is my dedicated philosophy to not operate on any patient until all of their questions are fully answered. Herewith I meet and see you myself during your consultation, check all of your measurements and after performing your surgery, follow up and continue to see you personally. And of course, you have my personal cell phone number forever.

Given the pride we carry in our work and personal touch, we want to always make sure that no patient is ever misled either in cost or expectations. I encourage you to call me anytime or email me with as many questions you may have and only after you are completely comfortable with the plan and prognosis, should you proceed.

Thank you for your trust in allowing me to execute my passion; your vision!"


Arun C Gulani, M.D., M.S.

The Arun Gulani Story

LASIK Eye Surgery in Jacksonville

Among one of the first eye surgeons in the world to be exposed to Excimer laser vision surgery, while LASIK surgeons in the USA started performing LASIK surgery in 1995, Dr. Gulani had already become a LASIK instructor for surgeons worldwide and invented award-winning LASIK surgical instruments and proprietary protocols. He quickly elevated to a top LASIK surgeon in Jacksonville and was recognized as one of the Jacksonville LASIK pioneers. He differentiated himself in Jacksonville because of his multiple LASIK techniques designed to enhance personal best vision for his patients. It did not take long for Dr. Gulani to gain worldwide credibility.

Over three decades of continued innovation with an enviable track record of success along with his award-winning inventions, publications and international teachings to colleagues globally especially having consistent success with some of the most varied and complex Lasik cases from all over the world have resulted in Dr. Gulani’s “no-cut’, “no-blade”, “no-flap” surgery: NexGen Lasik & LaZr Plastique™ surgery.

Providing a full range of Laser Vision surgeries including Lasik, Bladeless Lasik, Laser ASA, Lasek, EpiLasik, SBK,PRK, PTK, Wavefront Lasik, NexGen Lasik and LaZrplastique for patients with Myopia (Nearsightedness), Hyperopia (Farsightedness), Astigmatism and Presbyopia (reading glasses), Dr.Gulani uniquely designs more than Lasik surgery to maximize each patient’s vision potential in many cases even beyond 20/20.

Whether you are traveling from thousands of miles away or locally for Jacksonville LASIK surgeon, Dr.Gulani, we look forward to welcoming you to Gulani Vision Institute, where your vision, is our passion!

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Cataract Surgery

Even though millions of cataract surgeries are performed throughout the world every year and it is called a “Routine” procedure by many doctors, Dr. Gulani teaches eye surgeons worldwide that “No Cataract surgery should be ROUTINE”.

“Cataract surgery is an endeavor to help patients See what they have been missing & also an opportunity to plan for the BEST Vision they can have for the REST of their Life”- Dr.Gulani

With such a dedicated outlook, Dr. Gulani encourages eye doctors to classify every Cataract patient into specific categories and then individually plan to address all of their correctable visual issues using Customized Cataract Surgery with cutting edge technology and Lens Implants.

LenzOplastique™ (the “O” stands for “Optimized Vision”): Raising Cataract Surgery to an ART, Dr. Gulani’s relentless pursuit to design vision and lend artistry to surgery raises even cataract surgery to his proprietary approach called LenzOplastique™ where he personally studies all patient diagnostics and measurements including anatomy , physiology, optics and vision potential to diligently apply his vast array of lens based surgical technologies and techniques along with his “Vision A La Carte” concept to customize surgery in a holistic approach individually tailored to each eye no matter how simple or complex it is and also in combination surgical concepts.

Unlike most practices that offer three lens implant choices, Dr.Gulani with his international privileges has experience with over 30 lens implant choices including Trifocal, Panoptix, ReStor, Rezoom, Crystalens, Envista, Tecnis, Symfony, multifocal, pseudo-accommodative, progressive, toric and monofocal along with piggyback, secondary and phakic implants.

Therefore, after studying your eye’s anatomy, physiology, optics and visual capacity in synch with your neural (Brain) potential becomes Dr.Gulani’s goal.

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Advanced Surgeries

At Gulani Vision Institute in Jacksonville, Florida, we go far beyond offering only LASIK and Cataract procedures. In fact, we offer the full spectrum of laser vision techniques. Dr. Gulani is an innovative eye surgeon, and has developed his own proprietary techniques, instruments, and procedures to address the whole spectrum of eye conditions that require glasses or contact lenses.

Dr.Gulani approaches each eye like a camera and designs a customized plan for each patient’s individual vision goals. He believes that the very question of “Am I a candidate” is un-warranted. It arises only because most surgeons perform one or two cookie-cutter techniques of surgery and hence try and fit the surgery to the patient (Candidacy?).

This approach is flawed in that it pre-decides the surgery (due to limited options and abilities of the surgeon) instead of determining what is “Best for the patient”.

With over 3 decades of experience, Dr.Gulani has designed his surgical system (The KLEAR ™ System) and offers the full spectrum of advanced surgeries that can help people lead a life free of glasses and contact lenses.

This KLEAR ™ system includes the full range of techniques and technologies like Lasik (Laser Vision Surgery/NexGenLASIK/ LaZrPlastique/PRK/Wavefront Lasik/Bladeless, Lasik/Lasek/PTK/Smile/Relex/SBK/EpiLasik/ Corneoplastique techniques etc), Myopia (Nearsightedness)/Hyperopia (Farsightedness)/ Astigmatism, Presbyopia (After 40 reading glasses/Readers/Cheaters/Progressive glasses/Kamra), Cataract (Multifocal lens implants/Panoptix/Trifocal/ReStor/Crystalens/Tecnis/Symfony/Premium Cataract Surgery or, Cataract surgery complication correction), Radial Keratotomy Correction/RK, Pinguecula/Pterygium/ Red Eye, Keratoconus/Collagen Crosslinking /C3R/Intacs, ICL (Implantable Contact Lenses/Visian ICL), Corneal Scar/ Lasik Complication (Glare/haloes/Ghosting), Dry Eye/MGP/m.o.i.s.t., Corneoplastique®

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Master of Technology

Inventor. Surgeon. Teacher.

Only At Gulani Vision; Through Their Eyes

"Tears of gratitude formed in my eyes this morning. The dilation of the surgery had finally lifted. I excitedly went outside for the newspaper; I could see details in the distance I never expected to see so clearly! I unfolded the paper. I could read all but the smallest print. “Thanks, Dr. Gulani,” I whispered aloud. “Thanks so much!” - (Anne. S)

Our patients reciprocate Dr. Gulani's passion for them by doing fun stuff and Dr. Gulani obliges all of them.
Whether it's patients who fly into Florida just to say Hi! After their successful surgery or patients who brings their families to see their "Amazing" eye doctor and get pictures and videos with him to show off to their friends.

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Worldwide Testimonials

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Dr.Martin and Giselle. AustraliaBeing a physician myself, I did my research and we traveled 40 thousand miles for the best LASIK surgeon in the world for my daughter. Dr.Gulani performed his NextGen Lasik surgery and changed her life.
Dr.Martin and Giselle. Australia

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Meg JapanEvery eye surgeon I consulted suggested I travel to Dr.Gulani for my high Astigmatism. He performed what he is world renowned for and brought me to better than 20/20 vision with his "No-Cut" LaZrPlastique surgery.
Meg; Japan

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Vanessa SwitzerlandI underwent Dr.Gulani's custom-designed Cataract surgery and see 20/20. It is nothing short of a miracle. His expertise is only matched by his personalized care and passion to make us all see. For the first time, I am traveling back confident with my new vision to Switzerland alone to reunite with my family.
Vanessa; Switzerland

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