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Complex Cataract Surgery

Having honed Cataract surgery over three decades Dr. Gulani has acquired a global reputation to address even complex Cataract situations which most surgeons turn away as “not a candidate.” Dr. Gulani approaches complex Cataract surgeries with a dedicated intensity to first determine the cause or causes of the presenting complexities.

Following a detailed personal consultation with the patient along with advanced diagnostic testing he then classifies the complexities into the following categories:

  1. Anatomical Complexities: i.e. shallow depth, weakness in the lens hammock, layer of cataract involvement, poorly dilating pupil, poor visibility to perform surgery either from corneal scars, or previous surgical complications.
  2. Refractive Complexities: i.e. extreme refractive errors (like high myopia with long eyeball) or combination of multiple refractive errors.
  3. Associated Pathologies: i.e. corneal disease like Fuchs dystrophy, floppy iris syndrome (patients on Flomax), compromised vitreo-retinal status from possible previous surgery.
  4. Impeding Predictability: i.e. previous refractive surgeries like LASIK, PRK, Radial Keratotomy (RK)

Armed with this detailed knowledge Dr. Gulani then determines to address as many of these as he humanly can. Unleashing a uniquely designed surgical plan with cutting-edge technology and technique application Dr. Gulani has brought thousands of patients from all over the world to their best vision potential.


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