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GulaniVision: Blasting Myths & Breaking Limits

Worldwide Patients Fly back with GulaniVision! There is no such thing as a Complex Eye Surgery case for Dr. Gulani, each case is Unique and by that virtue, no case is Routine!

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GulaniVision – Helping Make Jacksonville a Worldwide Medical Destination

Dr. Gulani and The Gulani Vision Institute has recently been featured in the press highlighting Jacksonville as a potential Medical Destination for patients from all over the world. First Coast News –  Is Jacksonville ready for a boost in medical tourism? WJCT News – Jacksonville Wins State Grants To Promote Medical Tourism ‘Medical Tourism’ is the […]

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Elephant Eyes

In honor of National Elephant Appreciation Day on September 22, here are some facts about elephant eyes. Their eyes are very small, only about 1.5” in diameter The location of their eyes on the side of their heads allows for peripheral vision but not depth perception; the trunk creates a large blind spot in their […]

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Blindess to Vision – Gulani Vision

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LASER Cataract Surgery The New Frontier

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