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Dr. Gulani has been fondly called various names by his worldwide patients, colleagues, and eye care industry like the DaVinci of Eye Surgery, Man of Vision, etc. but, one of the re-occurring titles that comes through across different patients of different cultures from different parts of the world has been, The GOAT (Greatest of All Time). This […]

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The Gulani “Plastique™” Surgical approach to Custom-Tailored GULANiVISION:

Arun C Gulani, M.D., M.S. is an American Board-Certified Eye Surgeon (Ophthalmologist) with over Thirty (30) years of experience not only in pioneering and innovating Vision Corrective eye surgeries, but also in teaching and repairing complications of other eye surgeons worldwide. He is a highly sought-after consultant to patients, eye surgeons and eye care industry […]

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No Room for Waiting!

What do you envision when going to your doctor’s office? Sure, a “Waiting” room full of “Waiting” patients, huddled together with borderline respect for privacy or consideration of being attended to on time. Then your name is called out and you start your journey entering a maze of alleys and dark rooms to then see […]

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One of the FIRST in the Nation 🇺🇸 & World🌎

“One of the FIRST in the Nation 🇺🇸 & World🌎 New VIVITY X-Wave Technology Lens in Keratoconus Cataract. Honored to be one of the First Eye surgeons in the Nation to be selected to use the recently FDA approved Vivity Toric lens technology. Sharing this video of my patient One Week post #vivity Toric Cataract […]

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GulaniVision: Blasting Myths & Breaking Limits

Worldwide Patients Fly back with GulaniVision! There is no such thing as a Complex Eye Surgery case for Dr. Gulani, each case is Unique and by that virtue, no case is Routine!

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GulaniVision – Helping Make Jacksonville a Worldwide Medical Destination

Dr. Gulani and The Gulani Vision Institute has recently been featured in the press highlighting Jacksonville as a potential Medical Destination for patients from all over the world. First Coast News –  Is Jacksonville ready for a boost in medical tourism? WJCT News – Jacksonville Wins State Grants To Promote Medical Tourism ‘Medical Tourism’ is the […]

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Elephant Eyes

In honor of National Elephant Appreciation Day on September 22, here are some facts about elephant eyes. Their eyes are very small, only about 1.5” in diameter The location of their eyes on the side of their heads allows for peripheral vision but not depth perception; the trunk creates a large blind spot in their […]

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Blindess to Vision – Gulani Vision

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LASER Cataract Surgery The New Frontier

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