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Start Your Gulani Vision Experience

Congratulations on starting your Gulani Vision Experience! We look forward to welcoming you whether you have travelled to us from across the seas or across the street we value your confidence in our services as we promise to deliver at all levels and live up to our world-famous reputation and personalized care.

At Gulani Vision Institute we pride ourselves in having defied the very norm of most medical practices having created a 5-star ambience and personalizing the patient interaction with a concierge customer service and personalized doctor-patient relation famously known by worldwide patients as the Gulani Vision Experience!

If you are an eye surgeon seeking Dr. Gulani’s expertise there is a separate contact form we would like you to fill out (please include your country and time zone) and send to us via email so that we can assist you accordingly.

For patients may we please request that you fill the contact form (please do include your country and time zone) so that if you are out of town/country we can set up a personal teleconference for you with Dr. Gulani. This way he will review your surgical outcomes with you and plan for your arrival at Gulani Vision Institute, surgery, and return to ensure a smooth and memorable experience at all levels.

(We do not provide services for travel or lodging but can make suggestions as noted on the following link: Fly in for Your Gulani Vision)

For our local patients within our beautiful northeast Florida community you are welcome to fill the patient contact form with the requested information or have your referring eye doctor do that for you. Of course, you are also welcome to call or email us with any questions. If you have previously seen other eye surgeons or eye doctors you may request them to email us a summary report of your most recent eye exam or bring that with you.

Call 904-296-7393 or email and our competent and compassionate staff is available to assist you to make your vision journey a memorable experience.

Contact Form for Patients
Contact Form for Eye Surgeons

Our Location

8075 Gate Parkway (W)
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Phone: (904) 296-7393
Fax: 1-888-397-4699