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For the Patients

For the Patients” – our patient’s, Attorney John, statement underscores Dr. Gulani’s commitment, dedication, and performance in the patient’s best interest.

No financial incentive, industry hype, or personal bias can influence his decision making, technology selection, or surgical technique in designing his unique vision architect plan (miVision plan) for each patient’s best vision potential.

Patients are indeed family to Dr. Gulani as he fondly remembers their names and even responds to requests from their families if not to help them directly with vision surgery, then indirectly, by guiding them to medical care in their states or countries worldwide.

Dr. Gulani’s Worldwide Pro Bono Work.

Many a times we have witnessed Dr. Gulani not only taking on patients that other eye surgeons have given up on but also disrupting his personal schedule if needed to accommodate someone with a genuine situation that may be beyond their control.

Dr. Gulani had dinner with Meg in Japan, while he was teaching at the World Conference in Tokyo. Meg had just returned to Tokyo after her Advanced Lasik with Dr. Gulani in Jacksonville, Florida.
Nurse Elise travelled from Mississippi with extreme farsightedness and astigmatism (since every eye surgeon nationwide said she was not a candidate). Dr Gulani designed his LaZrplastique surgery and brought her to 20/20 vision. She called this the best gift for her upcoming wedding. When she happened to pass through Jacksonville on her honeymoon, Dr. Gulani surprised her with a cake and celebrated her recent wedding as he would a daughter, she too is part of the Gulani Vision family.

Twinning with ICLs:

Dr. Tariq S.
Dr. Taher S.

Two physician twins underwent custom-tailored ICL surgery for their extreme nearsightedness and astigmatism. What was funny in this story was that when Dr. Gulani had completed correcting the vision in both eyes of the first brother, the twin brother traveled to him wearing his thick glasses and surprised Dr. Gulani by saying, “Your surgery failed I am still wearing glasses!” He then laughed and then admitted that he was the twin brother that Dr. Gulani was yet to operate on.

Solar Eclipse:

Dr. Gulani was called upon to educate patients about the solar eclipse.

Some happy patients sharing social media posts regarding Dr. Gulani's work
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