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Happy Deepavali: Beyond Sparklers, do your peepers sparkle?

In my previous column I explained the concept of cataracts and how not to wait till they mature or till you are “Blind enough”. Our eyecare industry continues to innovate and bring out new lens implant technologies to keep up with vision demands and changing vision goals of the new generation of patients looking froward […]

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Myopia Epidemic in Covid-19 pandemic: Dr. Gulani Interviewed in The NEWS!

#Myopia, #ShortSightedness #NearSightedness Nearsightedness is a refractive error (Glasses Prescription/Contact lens prescription) that makes people blurry in the distance. This common vision refractive error is further detailed by Dr. Gulani and his advanced diagnostics to better study and then uniquely approach with a custom designed surgery for your individual eyes. As one of the most […]

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No Room for Waiting!

What do you envision when going to your doctor’s office? Sure, a “Waiting” room full of “Waiting” patients, huddled together with borderline respect for privacy or consideration of being attended to on time. Then your name is called out and you start your journey entering a maze of alleys and dark rooms to then see […]

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RADIAL KERATOTOMY (RK) & Future Technology at Gulani Vision Institute

Radial Keratotomy as the name suggests involved surgically making Radial (think spokes of a wheel) cuts in the cornea (front view finder of our eye) to treat nearsightedness (myopia). Why is this important? First of all, it was a precursor to LASIK eye surgery to help people see without glasses and secondly, thousands of these […]

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“Around Town” with Arun Gulani from Gulani Vision Institute

“Each week on “Around Town,” our host Tiffany Howard talks to members of the Orange Park community who are making an impact. Today, Steve joins us and talks to Dr. Arun Gulani from Gulani Vision Institute. Dr. Gulani is a world destination for patients and surgeons seeking the best in vision care. “Man of Vision” […]

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5 Reasons to Seek Radial Keratotomy Correction:

Radial Keratotomy was a surgery performed in the 1980s that was popularized in Russia from an intelligent finding off a car windshield accident that left a young man’s cornea sliced in Radial (think spokes of a wheel) fashion that ended up flattening that cornea and hence correcting that patient’s nearsightedness (myopia). Late Dr. Syatoslav Fyodorov […]

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The 5S System for RK Correction

Dr. Gulani’s Surgical Pearls & Concepts for Surgeons Correcting RK Eyes Refraction is what starts the thought process with every patient. It doesn’t matter if the cornea has opacity. The refraction is what we concentrate on. Refraction helps provide a pathway to improve someone’s vision notwithstanding the number, pattern, or irregularity and density of cuts. […]

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Yes, LASIK Improves Date Night in Jacksonville, and Here’s How

Where else in the World do Dates and Valentines have their NexGen LASIK surgeries together? Wear glasses or contact lenses? They may help you see but they can also get in your way. Why get LASIK? If you’ve been considering LASIK, there are many reasons to consider it. Better vision, eliminating the need for glasses […]

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Cataract Surgery: What LENS? An Invalid Dilemma!

With ongoing US FDA approvals of new generation Lens Technologies for your eyes, it may be the best investment you can make in your lifetime. Especially, if you are over 60 years of age and have been diagnosed with Cataracts. This is also a great time to live for those over 40 years of age […]

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Past, Present, and Future of LASIK: GulaniVision

Birth of LASIK; Decades Ago! It has been Dr. Gulani’s privilege to share and interact with the late Dr. Jose Ignacio Barraquer (father of refractive surgery) from South America as their passions were aligned, while Dr. Barraquer introduced concepts of Lamellar Refractive and Lasik surgery and Dr. Gulani discussed his burning desire to raise it […]

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