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Dr. Gulani Recognized by his Alumni & Alma Mata

It is one thing to belong to one of the most prestigious teaching institutes in the world of medicine, and then it is a totally next level of satisfaction to be recognized by your peers from that esteemed institution. 30 years ago, Dr Gulani studied and graduated in the field of medicine and completed post-graduation […]

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One on One with Dr. Gulani

Patients, eye surgeons, and eye care industry leaders, many of them having undergone Dr. Gulani’s innovative, custom-designed surgical techniques are given full access to sit down with Dr. Gulani and literally review his remarkable thought process and artistic surgical execution that continues to inspire the world of eye care. For over Three decades, worldwide patients […]

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Cataract Surgery in a SPA!

Dr. Gulani’s over 3 decades of raising the bar on Cataract Surgery with pioneering innovations and proprietary surgical protocols, along with ground-breaking technologies led to creating the world’s first Cataract Surgery SPA. Trademarked by the USPTO (United States Patent Trademark Office) it signifies a surgical ambience of no pain, no needles, no injections, along with […]

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Attorneys Testify to Gulani RK Correction

Attorneys testify to Dr. Gulani’s world supremacy in correcting Radial Keratotomy complications by themselves undergoing his proprietary, custom-designed techniques. “Accepts, Performs and Delivers; for the WORLD: Being an Attorney, I did my research (Reviewed Dr.Gulani’s website over 8 times) traveled from El Paso, TX all the way to him in Florida since no surgeon I […]

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Message for Keratoconus Skeptics

This title of “Message for Keratoconus Skeptics” is credited to this patient, Mandy F. from Wisconsin, who took on the medical world of naysayers who leave keratoconus patients visually dependent and disabled all their lives. The fact that none of these patients have any incentive to talk about Dr. Gulani other than having received vision […]

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Dr. Gulani has been fondly called various names by his worldwide patients, colleagues, and eye care industry like the DaVinci of Eye Surgery, Man of Vision, etc. but, one of the re-occurring titles that comes through across different patients of different cultures from different parts of the world has been, The GOAT (Greatest of All Time). This […]

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The Gulani “Plastique™” Surgical approach to Custom-Tailored GULANiVISION:

Arun C Gulani, M.D., M.S. is an American Board-Certified Eye Surgeon (Ophthalmologist) with over Thirty (30) years of experience not only in pioneering and innovating Vision Corrective eye surgeries, but also in teaching and repairing complications of other eye surgeons worldwide. He is a highly sought-after consultant to patients, eye surgeons and eye care industry […]

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Happy Deepavali: Beyond Sparklers, do your peepers sparkle?

In my previous column I explained the concept of cataracts and how not to wait till they mature or till you are “Blind enough”. Our eyecare industry continues to innovate and bring out new lens implant technologies to keep up with vision demands and changing vision goals of the new generation of patients looking froward […]

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Myopia Epidemic in Covid-19 pandemic: Dr. Gulani Interviewed in The NEWS!

#Myopia, #ShortSightedness #NearSightedness Nearsightedness is a refractive error (Glasses Prescription/Contact lens prescription) that makes people blurry in the distance. This common vision refractive error is further detailed by Dr. Gulani and his advanced diagnostics to better study and then uniquely approach with a custom designed surgery for your individual eyes. As one of the most […]

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No Room for Waiting!

What do you envision when going to your doctor’s office? Sure, a “Waiting” room full of “Waiting” patients, huddled together with borderline respect for privacy or consideration of being attended to on time. Then your name is called out and you start your journey entering a maze of alleys and dark rooms to then see […]

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