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6 Reasons Why LASIK Makes Jacksonville Better

Tired of feeling like something is holding you back? When you live in a place like Jacksonville, it may feel like you’re living in an area that has it all. But what about something like LASIK? A procedure like LASIK can change everything! Don’t believe us? Keep reading for 6 reasons why LASIK will make […]

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Can LASIK Complications be Fixed? Absolutely!

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Arun Gulani (@dr.arungulani)

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LASIK Complications to 20/20

Third day in surgery this week fixing 👨‍🔧 Lasik Complications for Worldwide🌎 patients back to back all day today👀. I have been correcting Lasik Complications💀 for worldwide patients from mild to severe from #irregularastigmatism to #cornealscar to Corneal Ectasia to mutilated Cornea to Vision disturbances of haloes 🙊and glares🤩and decentered Laser zones. Prevention is still […]

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Burning 🔥 Oil to Ignite 💥 Vision 👀

It’s late at night 🌛 at my institute as I review and focus 🧘‍♂️ to design individual surgery plans having personally checked and measured 📏 each and every patient as they landed 🛬 this week. Day three, of back to back surgeries 👨‍⚕️ tomorrow fixing Blinding Lasik Complications 🦇 and “not a candidate” Lasik patients […]

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ASTIGMATISM to Vision 👀 : No Limits!

Astigmatism is a common spectacle 👓 and contact lens prescription error and can be corrected no matter how severe 👁 it is. Patients from all over the world 🌎 with mild to severe #astigmatism including #irregularastigmatism have been corrected by our no~cut, no~blade laser techniques and they see immediately 📸 even while under the laser🦋. […]

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Hugs 🤗 = Success ✌️

“Patient expressions 😊 and reactions are the only true gauge 📏of success and surgical accountability. This is a normal day at our institute helping patients from all over the world 🌎 who are told they are “not a candidate” or “too complex” and yet corrected within minutes ⏰. Patients with XTreme #astigmatism , #thincorneas , […]

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“Doc I see your stubble”

#motivateyourmonday One of my first patients today #monday who shocked me with this statement. I turned around as he beamed with happiness 😊 and said he could see so well, he saw the stubble on my well shaved chin. This 86-year “young” man was brought to me by his family who are from the eye […]

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To SOUTH AFRICA 🇿🇦 with GulaniVision 👀

“My dear patient @van.dyk_a Returned back to South Africa and made me do an impromptu #TickTock. Every day examples of amazing patients who are left “visually imprisoned” and called “Impossible” due to Extreme Farsightedness of +9 D and Extreme Astigmatism of +7 D along with involuntary shaking of eyes ( Nystagmus). Here she is after […]

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“Phenomenal results in under 15 minutes.” – Mercy C.

Phenomenal results in under 15 minutes. Dr. Gulani has restored true clarity of vision beyond expectations. Stunning results achieved where no other doctor was willing to venture.

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Day 1 Postop With Dr. Gulani

Day 1 Postop visit of Yesterday’s surgeries you witnessed of Worldwide patients becoming Family before flying back today. Just another day at Gulani Vision Institute . For Eye surgeons, DrArun C. Gulani is again documenting complete lack of PAIN in PRK surgery – Posted by: Alexis@GulaniAcademy

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