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Category: Radial Keratotomy (RK)

Busting Myths with Results:

“Radial Keratotomy Complications to 20/20. Here is my patient who traveled back from Tennessee after five years when he was referred to me with severe Radial keratotomy Complications worsened by more Lasik and EpiLasik and other Laser Techniques by different surgeons who finally gave up and called him a “ Nightmare”! Had these wonderful surgeons […]

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“BOTCHED RK to 20/20: 5 years PostOp!” – Rodney R. (Tennessee)

“I had Radial Keratotomy 28 years ago and had many multiple failed surgeries, including Epi-Lasik and Lasik, which left me with poor vision. I traveled to Dr. Arun C. Gulani after intensive research, who didn’t back off but took charge of my case and delivered me straight to 20/20. Based on my results, I referred […]

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From Radial Keratotomy to GulaniVision!

“So much to SHOW! Research said there was nothing to be done for Greg’s eyes, post RK surgery. He searched online, and found the Gulani Vision Institute which told a totally different story. Fast forward to yesterday, where in Dr Gulani’s office, we saw other patients from all over the world (Israel, California, New York) […]

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Inspiring GulaniVision!

“Dr. Gulani and I. My hero!!” – Dawn F.

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“Nothing On EARTH, Like This!” – Scott H.

“Today is Day 2 Post Op, leaving with 20/20 vision when I was told nothing could be done by my eye surgeons. Here are patients just like me from all over the world traveling back with their GulaniVision. He came to see us all before teaching at the National Conference this very concept that is […]

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iVisionSuite Beyond Expectations!

I had RK surgery about 30 years ago and about the last 15 years, the surgery failed and my eyesight was horrible. I could only make out silhouettes of people and thought that my vision would be this way for the remainder of my life. Fortunately I was able to find Dr. Gulani and he […]

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Arrogance for VISION!

Sharing some of today’s surgery cases while I did a live webinar encouraging eye surgeons to never feel intimidated by the level of complexity but to be focusedly arrogant about unleashing Vision no matter how complex the situation may be. Patients from 6 to 11 D Irregular astigmatism, Corneal scars, Mature White subluxated Cataract with […]

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