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Fixing Complex Radial Keratotomy Cataracts

Fixing Complex Radial Keratotomy Cataracts

Delivering vision 👀, one Radial Keratotomy Cataract after another all day for patients from all over the world 🌎

All these patients from different parts of the world; many are Attorneys, doctors etc have similar stories having seen numerous surgeons and being labeled as “impossible” and “nothing can be done”, suffering for decades while a few minutes of painless Surgery can bring them to perfect vision expressed by these extremely serious and high IQ patients in their “vision dance” right out of surgery in our Cataract SPA.

#radialkeratotomy corneas no matter how “complex” and associated #cataract can be easily corrected.

There is no such thing as an “impossible” or “nightmare” case.

Three decades of performance and letting patients express their outcomes on camera-The highest Accountability of surgical success.

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