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CATARACT Surgery Revolutionized to an Experience: #GulaniBeyond2020

“Over the years, as a marketing professor for several universities, I know the world of customer service very well. But to find it in a medical practice was so REFRESHING. When I needed my cataract surgeries done and having witnessed my maternal aunt’s eye surgeries and bad outcomes, I was seeking the right answer for my eyes. All my research led me to the world’s BESPOKE eye surgeon, Dr. Gulani. Not only did he custom design my cataract surgery but also hand picked technology and performed my surgery in his World famous Cataract SPA, leading me to perfect 20/20 vision. He delivered an “out-of-the-world” experience that truly was tailored to me and my unique eyes.”

– Jill K.

Dr. Gulani Giving a Social Distancing High Five to a Patient

Dr. Gulani Giving a Social Distancing Thumbs Up

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