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When the world says NO, HE can!

“When the world says NO, HE can! Dr. Gulani has returned after teaching at the world conference. Here I am a minute after my laser correction for my Keratoconus. I am seeing perfect!”

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To Indiana with GulaniVision!

“To Indiana with GulaniVision! Among worldwide patients who flew back today, I am traveling back to Indiana with my uniquely designed surgery seeing close to 20/20 vision. I even met a patient from my own city who travelled to Dr. Gulani for his GulaniVision. I am thankful for my daughter Sarah, who is a physical […]

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“Make my Day”: The Clint Eastwood of Eye Surgery

Clint Eastwood of Eye Surgery! When all surgeons gave up on Joyce’s case, he took it on. He took her eye and used human placenta to correct all her flaws and she no longer has pain…She has “regained her sparkle!”…When you come to the Institute, Dr. Arun C. Gulani sees you personally with unbelieveable service […]

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Dr. Gulani Called Key Opinion Leader!

“KOL of all KOLs (Key Opinion Leader) At my follow-up visit today, I witnessed how Dr. Gulani is helping doctors, lawyers, professionals, and other patients who have had poor outcomes in other physicians offices. I saw patients being flown in by eye surgeons from all over the world, seeking his expertise. I feel Dr. Gulani […]

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Beyond a LASIK Surgeon!

“Beyond Your LASIK Surgeon Can’t say enough about the work Dr. Gulani and his team have done for me. I now have perfect vision due to his Next Gen Lasik technique that was tailored to my needs. Throughout the process, Dr. Gulani was there each step of the way, to make sure his Mona Lisa […]

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Corneal Scars Cases Concepts Shared LIVE

Blinding Corneal Scars to 20/20 without Transplants Dr. Arun C. Gulani LIVE on Facebook sharing his concepts for worldwide eye surgeons Correcting Corneal Scar cases

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Skeptic Turned Believer!

“I WAS a skeptic AND now I am a Believer!!! Accompanying My husband, Robert Herrick, across the USA to have Laser Corneal Plastique procedure by Dr Arun Gulani has been a world wind of emotions. Knowing Roberts relationship in the industry as the president of Lacrimedics and his friendship with Arun has been 30+ years, […]

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Right Out of Surgery: Robert H.

“Right out of surgery, at Dr.Gulani’s truly mesmerizing suite!As the President of Lacrimedics, with nearly 35 years in the Ophthalmic industry, I could have gone anywhere for my refractive correction. Having recognised Dr. Gulani’s unique and progressive approach to refractive correction many years ago, I knew GulaniVision was the ONLY destination for me. I wanted […]

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Corneoplastique to 20/20: David C.

“Many years ago the vision in my left eye was deteriorating so badly it could no longer be corrected with glasses. My eye doctor referred me to a surgeon gaining a reputation for his cutting edge technique which is tailored to his patients. Dr Gulani’s laser corneoplastique concept corrected my blinding corneal scar, resulting in […]

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Keratoconus to 20/20: Julie B. & Sherryl H.

“My son was recently diagnosed with keratoconus and given the option of only having a corneal transplant. As a nurse, I didn’t want to accept that answer. We came to Dr Gulani and he gave us the option of a less invasive surgery with better outcomes. Dr Gulani is very pleased with how he is […]

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