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USSGulani! #july4th Humbled with this Honor.

USSGulani! #july4th Humbled with this Honor.
The story runs pretty deep. This patient Was referred to me by his eye surgeon, herself an accomplished surgeon due to his over 20 cut Radial keratotomy Cornea with High Irregular Astigmatism and Corneal Scars with Subluxated Cataract.

Besides his high complexity, he was driven to find out why I was different and why his accomplished Eye Surgeon insisted that he travel to me.
After experiencing my surgery, he analyzed it with his ADDIE teaching concepts which he wrote an essay on.

On seeing my passion to change the mindset of my colleagues worldwide he said my task was as difficult as turning an aircraft carrier.

How symbolical this week as he came in and surprised me with this gift and reported his 20/20 vision without glasses.

Boat that is Named the USS Gulani

Dr. Gulani With Military Patients

Dr. Gulani With Military Personnel

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