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The Gulani “Plastique™” Surgical approach to Custom-Tailored GULANiVISION:

Arun C Gulani, M.D., M.S. is an American Board-Certified Eye Surgeon (Ophthalmologist) with over Thirty (30) years of experience not only in pioneering and innovating Vision Corrective eye surgeries, but also in teaching and repairing complications of other eye surgeons worldwide. He is a highly sought-after consultant to patients, eye surgeons and eye care industry globally.

Dr. Gulani’s relentless pursuit to custom-design vision and lend artistry to surgery underscores his dedication to personally study all patient diagnostics and measurements including anatomy, physiology, optics, and vision potential to diligently apply his vast array of proprietary laser & lens based surgical technologies and techniques (KLEAR™; Full Spectrum Kerato-Lenticulo-Refractive range of surgeries) using his personally derived surgery algorithms (GPS™) along with his “Vision A La Carte” concept to customize surgery in a holistic approach, individually tailored to each eye no matter how simple or complex it is and also in combination surgical concepts.

Worldwide patients benefiting from Gulani PlastiqueTM techniques.

This uniquely designed and custom-tailored approach of Dr. Gulani for vision is trademarked as a personalized vision; “iVision” and even more appropriately, “GULANiVISION™”!

Therefore, after studying your eye’s anatomy, physiology, optics and visual capacity in sync with your neural (Brain) potential becomes Dr. Gulani’s goal. This goal in addition, also looks to cancel abnormalities of associated structures and eye problems through that one and least interventional surgical approach that he shall uniquely tailor to your eye.

These “Plastique” series of surgeries pioneered by Dr.Gulani are Trademarked (United States Patent & Trademark Office #USPTO) and called Corneoplastique® when applied on the Cornea, LaZrPlastique® Laser Vision Surgery when correcting refractive errors (Glasses and Contact lens prescriptions like Nearsightedness, Farsightedness, Astigmatism or Reading glasses) and LenzOplastique™ when correcting Dysfunctional lens or Cataracts.

Plastique” level of surgery is what Dr. Gulani performs having innovated and honed over three decades with his proprietary protocols, award-winning surgical instruments, and technological prowess, therefore raising surgery itself to an ART and accountable pursuit for custom-tailored vision irrespective of each patient’s unique situation or complexities, therefore eradicating the word “Routine” surgery from the dictionary of surgeons globally.

It is a mindset, a commitment, and an unflinching desire to truly fight for each patient’s best vision potential (BVP).

Surgeon Mindset: As an analogy, think you have a broken nose, and your surgeon puts that nose back together (mends it). That is surgery!

But what if that surgeon not only puts that broken nose together, but also makes it even more attractive than what you were born with?  Now take that to the next level; what if that surgeon not only makes it more attractive than what you were born with, but also designs it in shape and function in such a way that it even compensates for your deformed cheeks and ears and therefore, collectively (without operating on the deformed cheeks or ears) makes the entire face so much more beautiful while also performing its function of smell at the highest level your body is capable of?, that is the “Plastique” state of mind that Dr. Gulani teaches eye surgeons while raising the bar on surgery to Artistry!

Dr. Gulani staying up at nights, custom-designing surgical plans for patients landing every week.
Gulani Plastique Innovations.

Technology Mindset: Think having a Lamborghini car which represents the height of technology and how fast it goes etc. and yet, what if the driver could confidently change parameters in the car and drive it up and down an impossible and uncharted terrain? That would be a “Plastique” mindset where having advanced technology is a given, and yet taking and even unleashing that already advanced and cutting-edge technology beyond its own comfort zones to tackle daunting heights while also being mindful about the safety and comfort of the passenger would closely represent what Dr. Gulani does for many of his patients who were written off by other eye surgeons as too “Complex”, “Not a Candidates” etc.

Even in so called “Routine” cases, he does not accept the patient’s previous glasses or contact lens measurements or their doctor’s assessments as data entry for surgical plans but laboriously calculates using dedicated formulas to derive his own mathematical endpoints and then input that individualized data for maximal accuracy.

Here are some among many mathematical formulas that he works on to compensate for how glasses sit on a patient’s face at a distance from the eye and also how the glasses or contact lens prescription powers may not correlate to the surgical powers /refraction data that he so dedicatedly calculates to input into the technology for each patient’s custom-designed surgery.

Given his command over technology, Dr. Gulani can use his over three decades of experience to mathematically customize technologies  including high definition lens implant in calculation and placement positioning while also being able to modify and change the energy, frequency, speed, and application zones of Lasers with impact-sizing along with axis-directional approaches that truly raises the bar on technology itself in personalization of each application as opposed to a “start the ignition and let the car roll” cookie-cutter approach.

Outcomes Mindset: Since Dr. Gulani fixes complications of other eye surgeons. Think if you had multiple fractures of your leg following an accident (think eye surgical complications) and most surgeons would look at your situation as a lost cause and jump to a conclusion that comes easily; “Amputate that seemingly useless or impossible to salvage leg”.

Officer James, a firefighter and paramedic, underwent Dr. Gulani’s combination LenzOplastique + LaZrplastique, followed by Cross-Linking to perfect vision, back to his demanding profession, and life.

Dr. Gulani would look at that situation and challenge himself as to how to save your Dr. Gulani would look at that situation and challenge himself as to how to save your very broken and deformed leg and yet how can he make you run in the Olympics with that leg. This is the Attitude he teaches eye surgeons. Not only to save your leg but how to make it function at its maximal capcity and while at it, can that custom designed, retorative surgery also make up for a previously bad hip and knee joint within its close proximity.

This does not mean that he disregards the complexity or seriousness of your problem, but on the contrary dedicates to spending personal time to intensely measure you and understand your entire optical system (eye) and its best vision potential despite all complexities whereby he does not decrease his fight for you just because you are very complex. Like he says to his patients “Your complexities do not decrease my desire for wanting to deliver your best vision”.

Advanced technologies for Plastique techniques.

Vision Mindset: “Plastique” therefore is not just the Artistic height at which Dr. Gulani performs surgery, but also the goal he focuses on. It is more than anatomical to just fix the eye (mend it), it is actually abstract and despite modern advanced technology, not easily measurable; that goal is VISION.

Think about Vision as a brain function, not an eye function (eyes are like monitors collecting data), it’s the brain which is the CPU (computer) that SEES. Hence he is actually trying to make the brain focus by optically correcting, enhancing and even cancelling bad vision impacts from various improper anatomical, physiological and visual elements in the eye. Like he famously tells his patients “I am after your brain, your abnormal eyes are in my way and eye surgery is the only avenue for me to reach my goals for you”.

Delivery Mindset: Add to all of the above applications, his desire despite all the obstacles, to deliver the best vision possible, aiming for a painless and flawless surgery with no stitches or injections while avoiding inducing or adding to any more than the already existing vision problems and also creating an experience for the patient in his specially designed and proprietary SPA like surgical facility with an ambience of comfort for them to cherish for life.

Dr. Gulani personally measures each of his patients, formulates their customized plan, selects among the latest technologies, and spends hours of his personal time including weekends, studying each eye holistically to come up with his selected approach no matter how simple or complex the patient may be and no matter whether they traveled 40,000 miles to see him or just walked across the street. Though there are no guarantees implied for any patients’ vision outcomes following any surgery due to individual healing patterns, technology interactions and neuroadaptation of vision, Dr. Gulani’s dedication, empathy, performance, and delivery are legend!

Day 1 post-op Plastique™ patients from all over the world.
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