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Complicated Cataracts to GulaniVIsion

“Dr. Gulani, the world famous eye surgeon, and I on Day One after my surgery. I had a very complicated cataract that required advanced techniques. He has invented some of the tools used in lasik surgery, is a teacher and has an international practice. I am so blessed that an appointment was arranged for me.” […]

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“World’s repair center!” – Melissa K.

“World’s repair center! I had bad blinding scars on my right eye due to a Lasik complication. I was sent to Dr. Arun C. Gulani and he immediately knew what was wrong with me. Here I am Day 1 after surgery without any problems and already seeing so much better. While I was here I […]

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From Radial Keratotomy to GulaniVision!

“So much to SHOW! Research said there was nothing to be done for Greg’s eyes, post RK surgery. He searched online, and found the Gulani Vision Institute which told a totally different story. Fast forward to yesterday, where in Dr Gulani’s office, we saw other patients from all over the world (Israel, California, New York) […]

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“We are his MASTERPIECES!!!” Tammy M.

“We are his MASTERPIECES!!! I came in for my follow up and I have 20/20 vision for the first time in my life without glasses. I love when I come into the office because his girls are so personable and he makes you feel family! The reason why I picked Dr.Gulani is because I met […]

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“Doctor by Divine Design!” – Betty Jane W.

“Doctor by Divine Design! My husband and I traveled from Kentucky to Jacksonville and called Dr Gulani who immediately recognized us and asked us to come in. Imagine this, 11 years after Noel had special laser surgery (that other surgeons are still trying to master) his vision is still 20/20. Dr Gulani has even combined […]

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Fighting to Finish the Impossible!

“He Fights to Finish the Impossible! Today is Day 1 after my impossible cataract surgery following my multiple corneal surgeries and problems that every eye surgeon said that could not be done. Dr. Gulani not only offered hope but performed the miracle and brought me to this amazing vision. He performs miracles in his new […]

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Waterfall Surgery Designer

“Waterfall Surgery Designer: Dr. Gulani designed my custom waterfall surgery with unique technology and techniques and made me reach a better vision than 20/20 without the need for corrective lens. This experience has been truly amazing with him and his wonderful team who treated me all the time as family.” Araceli Silveira del S.

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“Consistency in Miracles!” – Ryan W.

“Consistency in Miracles! Today is day 1, after my massive pterygium was removed by Dr.Gulani’s SPARKLE TECHNIQUE.My eyes are sparkling white.The same miracle was performed on my right eye 14 years ago and it’s still Sparkling.We are living examples that Dr.Gulani has shared in his text book for fellow eye Surgeons world wide.” – Ryan […]

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“Taking routine to Masterpiece!” – Michael P.

“ I came to Dr.Gulani for a routine LASIK and was shocked to know that there are over23 techniques he performs and what amazing is he does not confuse you with options but designs the surgeries in your best interest.He performed LenzOplastique and brought me to 20/20 without glasses.I work with concrete foundation and I […]

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WORLD’S Family Eye Doctor

“WORLD’S Family Eye Doctor. Five sisters, all who have had their procedures performed by world renowned eye surgeon Dr Arun Gulani, in the most advanced surgery center on earth. The feeling of family and Dr Gulani actually taking time to visit and have fun with us is priceless” – Martha B.

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