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It gives me immense pleasure taking patients with Red 🩸 #pterygium eyes to sparkling white 💎 and watch them express their happiness 🤗 day 1 after surgery in the mirror 🪞 while one of my dear patients from 14 years ago came in for follow up and wanted to be part of sharing her experience […]

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PREMIUM is A Mindset!

#sundaysermon for Eye Surgeons. Bad vision Outcomes🦇 from Premium Cataract Surgery has become the number one reason patients are flying✈️ to me for second opinion and corrective surgery. In my worldwide🌎 webinar🎙 today, I emphasized to eye surgeons that just using a Premium lens or premium Laser doesn’t make the surgery premium 💎. It’s the […]

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Not A Candidate 🦇 To Beyond 20/20 👀

Here is a wonderful physician 👩‍⚕️ visually imprisoned for years ⏳labeled as “Not A Candidate” with extreme Farsightedness, XTreme irregular Astigmatism in Keratoconus and written off as Amblyopia 👁. You can see her reaction 😄 immediately out of surgery as she went into her happy dance 💃, something you couldn’t imagine a serious and renowned […]

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No Limits!

Over 80% of patients who travel to me from their eye surgeons from all over the world 🌍 come with the same designation of “Not a Candidate”! It is important to realize that LASIK is just one among 20 laser vision techniques among 40 refractive surgical techniques among over 100 combinations and permutations that I […]

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Seeing Eye Dog 🐶 To Beyond 20/20 👁

#motivateyourmonday Among numerous worldwide 🌍patients who came in for a follow up today, here is Captain Butch #usnavy who was told that nothing could be done or “wait till you get a seeing eye dog” because of his extreme Farsightedness, polar Cataracts and seemingly “impossible” Keratoconus with Irregular Astigmatism. Here he is, not only seeing […]

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3-D Eye Surgery

“Over a Decade ⏳ ago among the first in the world 🌍 , I had guided industry with my experience in 3-D systems in eye surgery 👨‍⚕️. It’s great to see the Ngenuity and Artevo systems finally available to my eye surgeon colleagues globally 🗺. It’s been my privilege to lead our Eye Surgery industry […]

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Do you have cataracts? You can now avail of one of the world’s foremost technologies in our SPA ambience without pain, without injections, without drugs and without being rushed on stretchers through surgery mills as a number. Patients from around the world 🌎 have described this as an “Out of the World” Experience. The FUTURE […]

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The WALK That #motivatedmymonday

Today for the first time in years 🦼 , Kathy walked independently and confidently 💪. A simple task she could not do, not only because of Blinding vision from her own complex eyes 🦇 but mostly from being permanently labeled as “Lost Case” ⛔️. After multiple failed #lasik and retinal surgeries, She was labeled as […]

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Through Their EYES 👀

Sharing with you all the pain that these worldwide 🌎 patients feel traveling to me tirelessly ✈️being told by every eye surgeon that nothing can be done👻 for them and yet, here they are day one after surgery seeing perfect 👌 and ready to fly back home 🏠 . Some of them from last Friday […]

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Correcting Radial Keratotomy Complication 👻 Patients from all over the world 🌍.

These RK patients came with poor, double and distorted vision from 4 to 28 cut RK incisions, 3.00 to 27.00 D #irregularastigmatism , blinding #cornealscar, failed #cataractsurgery, failed #crosslinking, #ptk etc. You can see in this video how they react to their immediate improvement in vision despite being told by multiple doctors that nothing could […]

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