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What is PREMIUM Surgery!

“This weekend is one of our most prolific conferences 👨‍🏫 in the world of Eye 👁 surgery, the American Academy of Ophthalmology

I usually get interviewed by a number of trade magazines and industry releases during this Conference time and this interview of mine took a different course once I enlightened the interviewer that I do not agree with doctors looking for technologies to hide their inability, in fact, I encourage innovation 🚀 and technology that exposes, enhances and expands our abilities💪 in the patients’ best interest.

The detail interview will be published shortly but in a nutshell, Premium Surgery for Cataracts as well as Lasik, smile, PRK, Keratoconus etc. is that very desire to unleash over 30 lens implant technologies and 18 techniques to custom design surgery in a premium ambience to the best vision potential and in many cases even beyond 2020.” – Dr. Gulani


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