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Category: Cataract

“Taking routine to Masterpiece!” – Michael P.

“ I came to Dr.Gulani for a routine LASIK and was shocked to know that there are over23 techniques he performs and what amazing is he does not confuse you with options but designs the surgeries in your best interest. He performed LenzOplastique and brought me to 20/20 without glasses.I work with concrete foundation and […]

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Complex Cataracts to GulaniVision

“Consistency they name; GULANI. Whether it was my extremely complex cataract surgery that he performed and brought me to 20/20 or whether it was this irritating eyelash eight years later. The worlds greatest eye surgeon always makes the time to see you himself and make you whole again. His consistency also extends to his miraculous […]

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Cataract Complications to GulaniVision!

“Thank you, Dr. Gulani, for accomplishing a very complicated cataract surgery on Edna! Using innovative, advanced laser techniques, he was able to remove her cataract when it appeared impossible to do. Now on to the other eye’s cataract!” – Chris G.

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Striving For Perfection

“How can a dr be perfect? I’m here to tell you this one strives for it everyday! My vision is 20/20.” – Ginger G.

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Only at Gulani Vision… Exotic Birds in the Office

Dr. Gulani has all the time in the world to spend with his patients who travel across the world to thank him. John was blinded by his advanced cataracts. His daughter Jessica who had surgery with Dr. Gulani, referred him to travel to Gulani Vision Institute. He underwent Laser Cataract surgery and was so excited […]

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No Cataract Surgery is “routine”

Sharing my patient from today among many we did with multiple complexities as I encouraged observing Eye surgeons not to get overwhelmed due to number of difficulties the patient may present but to be focused on the outcome of perfect 20/20. I do not believe any cataract surgery is “routine” because then you may perform […]

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Minutes After Surgery Doing Great!

Here’s Tony & Judy with Dr. Arun C. Gulani just minutes after having their cataracts removed and replaced with new lens designed by Dr. Gulani that will allow them to enjoy good vision without relying on their glasses. Why was I there? I was their chauffeur for the day.

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Blind with Coke-Bottle glasses, Very High Farsightedness and High Astigmatism – Cannot Speak and hears Poorly, Gets GulaniVision

Richard was blind with coke-bottle glasses from Dense Cataracts, Very High (+12.00 Diopters) Farsightedness and High Astigmatism. He cannot speak and hears poorly and has a tracheostomy and head tremors. Eye surgeons turned him away due to his complexity of surgery.Here he is on day one after surgery and writes on a piece of paper […]

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No Fuss; No Excuses: Just Performance after Performance!

Fixing Complex Cataracts & Cataract surgical Complications for the WORLD. @ Dislocated Lens Implants @ White Cataracts, @ Subluxated Cataracts, @ Lens Implant Exchanges @ Lens Implant Combinations.

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THE Gulani Difference!

Is it Dr. Gulani’s ability to perform when most surgeons gave up on me, is it his passionate love for us as well as other patients? Or is it his selfless sharing with colleges worldwide? Truly my husband and I are results of his unparalleled ability and passion. Dr. Gulani is very passionate with every […]

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