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“NOT A CANDIDATE? Do not get labeled. Do not delay your care.

As we receive patients flying in from all over the world 🌎 for surgery🧑‍⚕️this week, just for fun 🤩 we decided to interview 🎙 them about how long it took to decide to fly ✈️ to us.
One of these patients traveled 🧳 from Seattle having followed my work 📖 for 10 years ⏳ before overcoming his stigma of being told by many eye doctors that “nothing could be done”.
This years of delay ⏳is the result of being labeled as “not a candidate”, “complex”, “nightmare” etc due to complications of #lasik , #smile , #prk #keratoconus, #radialkeratotomy etc.
We will share with you the average time that they took to overcome their repeated rejections to finally travel to us to get corrected 👀.

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