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ophthalmologist with individual patients after ptk surgery

PTK (Phototherapeutic Keratectomy) is a laser based surgical procedure which is mainly used to treat scars on the cornea or other types of corneal surface diseases (such as corneal dystrophy and epithelial erosion syndrome). By combining the precision of an excimer laser with the control of a computer, surgeons can vaporize microscopically thin layers of diseased corneal tissue and etch away the surface irregularities associated with many corneal dystrophies and scars. Surrounding areas suffer relatively little trauma. New tissue can then grow over the now-smooth surface. The aim of this procedure is to treat surface level corneal disease.

Dr. Gulani with over 30 years of experience in correcting all levels of vision including scarred and irregular corneas has reservations about performing PTK since he believes that PTK may smoothen a scar but distorts the corneal shape thus resulting in poor vision. LaZrplastique is Dr. Gulani’s proprietary technique that goes above and beyond the PTK concepts in helping patients with corneal scars and irregularities to see and in most cases 20/20, even without glasses or contact lenses.

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