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“The Gulani Vision Show!” – Josh R.

“The Gulani Vision Show! Every time I come into Gulani Vision Institute I feel like there should be cameras rolling! Dr. Gulani’s personal touch, the love, and the care are all so incredible every time you come in. It is life and inspiration in HD.” – Josh R.

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“Doctor by Divine Design!” – Betty Jane W.

“Doctor by Divine Design! My husband and I traveled from Kentucky to Jacksonville and called Dr Gulani who immediately recognized us and asked us to come in. Imagine this, 11 years after Noel had special laser surgery (that other surgeons are still trying to master) his vision is still 20/20. Dr Gulani has even combined […]

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Gulani Inspiration! – Jill G.

“You’re our Hero, our Inspiration! Happy Birthday from one of your many Gulani Miracles. Thank you for taking my Botched LASIK surgery to 20/20.” – Jill G.

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From Botched to 20/20 – Peter V.

“20 years ago I had two botched LASIK surgeries. One year ago I traveled to Dr. Gulani. Today he has brought my dreams of 20/20 vision to a reality.” – Peter V.

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Extreme Astigmatism? No Such Thing: #gulanibeyond2020

I’m another one of Dr Gulanis Mona Lisa’s. 🥰 Dr Gulani has practiced his miracle techniques on all of my family members from California to Florida. I’m so blessed to have perfect vision even though I was so blind I couldn’t even see the big “E” for my vision test. It was just a white […]

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The GULANI Difference!

After 3 Botched LASIK surgeries from different Doctors, I now have 20/20 vision thanks to Dr. Arun C. Gulani’s specialized and personalized Laser technique. He’s not afraid to take complicated cases like mine and delivers what he promises. Watch him on FB Live today at Noon as he talks about contact lenses and corneal scars. […]

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“PRK without PAIN! – Gulani MASSTER (TM) Technique” – Stephanie R.

Beyond LASIK, Beyond SMILE, Beyond PRK – Worldwide patients Experience the Future. Having worked with Dr. Gulani 18 years ago I witnessed his innovative technique, 17 years later when I wanted corrective surgery I knew Dr. Gulani was the only option. My husband saw how successful my procedure was and decided to have his eyes […]

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“He sTOPS the Train Wreck! ” – David W.

After going through several botched Lasik and Cataract surgeries from several different eye surgeons, I was at my wits end. Now I am seeing 20/20 distance and near due to his customized Laser technique where he elevated my botched case to perfection. Dr. Arun C. Gulani really enjoys helping people by providing trust and professionalism […]

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“Consistency Thy name GULANI!”

After my Gulani Miracle surgery I brought my husband as we trusted no other LASIK surgeon for his extreme case. He we are right after surgery in Dr. Gulani’s Miracle Laser Suite. @Lazrplastique – Stephanie Michelle R.

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Irregular Cornea : No Such Thing!

Three decades of taking so-called irregular, extreme astigmatism, Lasik, smile complications to 2020. It’s my pleasure to encourage Eye surgeons and optometrists to believe in their patients vision potential and fight for them.

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