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“Doc I see your stubble”


One of my first patients today #monday who shocked me with this statement. I turned around as he beamed with happiness 😊 and said he could see so well, he saw the stubble on my well shaved chin.

This 86-year “young” man was brought to me by his family who are from the eye care industry and know practically every eye surgeon in the nation 🇺🇸. He was labeled as “impossible” 👻 for many reasons right from extremely “Irregular” Cornea and cataract surgery complication to very high Astigmatism and Corneal scarring to uncorrectable vision 🦇.

Using LaZrPlastique surgery, I brought him to 20/20 vision within minutes and he has gotten back to his golf 🏌️‍♀️ and traveling 🧳 elevated from the category of disabled 🦽 to supremely able 🦸 and independent as I appreciated him wearing his matching ensemble from shoes 👞 to T-shirt 👕 today.

No matter how many complications you may have had of Lasik, Cataract or Corneal surgery, you can be helped 👀.

#lasikcomplications #cornealulcer #cornealscarring #irregularastigmatism @dr.arungulani

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