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LASIK Forte™ (with CXL)

Collagen Crosslinking is a technology that allows firming of the corneal tissue. Dr. Gulani describes this as turning cellophane paper to plastic, so you can imagine it becoming firmer and stronger in strenght. Crosslinking involves using specially formulated riboflavin (Vitamin B-12) drops along with a special pulsed UV (ultra-violet) light technology that bonds the collagen of the cornea to strengthen and make it more firm.

ophthalmologist with individual patients after lasik surgery

Since Lasik essentially thins the cornea while sculpting to improve vision, in certain borderline cases, Collagen Crosslinking can be applied during or after Lasik surgery to increase the strength and hence long term stability of outcomes. This may allow certain “not a candidate” patients especially those with relatively thin corneas to avail of Lasik surgery and yet maintain safety.

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