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Keratoconus Cataracts to Premium IOL Surgery

“Keratoconus Cataracts to Premium IOL Surgery

#keratoconus Patients with #cataract s should not be deprived of their ability to #see 👀 and that too without #glasses and #contactlenses.

Over three decades I have been teaching Eye surgeons to conquer #astigmatism and refuse to believe in #irregularcornea .
You can see in this case despite Advanced Keratoconus and Cataracts with very high Astigmatism, a Toric Premium Lens has been used to bring this patient to vision without glasses and contact lenses.

There is no higher accountability than a patient on camera 🎥 and in my next post I will share with you my experience as one of the World’s 🌎 First 🎀 application of the New Alcon Vivity X-Ray Technology, Extended Vision lens implant in Advanced Keratoconus Cataracts.” – Dr. Gulani


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