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Seeing Eye Dog 🐶 To Beyond 20/20 👁


Among numerous worldwide 🌍patients who came in for a follow up today, here is Captain Butch #usnavy who was told that nothing could be done or “wait till you get a seeing eye dog” because of his extreme Farsightedness, polar Cataracts and seemingly “impossible” Keratoconus with Irregular Astigmatism.

Here he is, not only seeing 👀 but seeing 👀 beyond 20/20 🦅 without any glasses or contact lenses and independently returning back ✈️ to Costa Rica 🇨🇷 to enjoy his life 🏝 .

No matter how advanced your #keratoconus is or how complex your cataracts or extreme your glasses 👓 prescription is, you can be helped.

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