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Treat Mountains ⛰ like Molehills 💩

“Scale 🧗‍♀️ to Conquer in Eyes 👀 & Life ❤️

In my master class, I teach Eye surgeons how to conquer all severities of #astigmatism and understand #topography.

As you swipe to the next picture, you see a Corneal topographic map that shows elevations in warmer colors like red and depressions or valleys in colors like blue, like in this patient who was referred to me with 19.70 D of #irregularastigmatism.

Without getting overwhelmed, this patient can be easily brought to a perfectly measurable and clear Cornea to then become a candidate for Premium 💎 Cataract surgery.

This principle I also teach as a life lesson to take no matter how difficult a case or situation mountain 🏔 and break it down mentally into a mole hill 💩 to successfully conquer and reach the summit ⛰ of performance.

Go, be a Doctor!” – Dr. Gulani

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