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Hugs 🤗 = Success ✌️

“Patient expressions 😊 and reactions are the only true gauge 📏of success and surgical accountability.
This is a normal day at our institute helping patients from all over the world 🌎 who are told they are “not a candidate” or “too complex” and yet corrected within minutes ⏰.

Patients with XTreme #astigmatism , #thincorneas , #keratoconus , #radialkeratotomy , #lasik , Smile, and #crosslinking Complications, All seeing immediately 👀 after a few minutes of LaZrPlastique technique and expressing their joys 😁after years of vision imprisonment 🦇 .

No Pain, No Cut, No Blades.
Allow patients to express themselves; get addicted to their outcomes.

Go be a Doctor!” – Dr. Gulani


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