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Seeing is Believing

Unlike any practice in the world, Dr. Gulani’s vision stories are being written by his patients themselves. It is the highest level of accountability without advertising or incentives for patients to write their experiences and so-called miraculous vision outcomes when most eye surgeons either gave up, failed, or relegated them to poor vision outcomes with their “live with it” attitudes.

“I was told I was “Not a Candidate” by surgeons all over the world due to my extremely high Farsightedness and high Astigmatism along with uncontrollably moving eyes and crossed eyes. Dr. Gulani designed his “No-Cut” LaZrPlastique technique and brought me straight to 20/20. This has been a life changing experience. I cannot wait to go back to South Africa and hug my family!” – Alicia V. (South Africa)

While many doctors document their works esoterically in white papers or journals, Dr. Gulani has allowed his patients (with no incentives) to share their experiences not only to spread hope among similar patients worldwide but also possibly to inspire their eye surgeons to believe and fight for their patients’ vision like he does.

An example of Dr. Gulani’s staged surgery to vision freedom for a surgeon patient blinded by extreme Radial Keratotomy complications.
An example of Dr. Gulani’s staged surgery to vision freedom for a patient blinded by extreme Keratoconus complications.

Besides his mastery in providing unique techniques for each eye, Dr. Gulani applies his artistry and technological supremacy to fix complications of other Lasik and Cataract surgeons thereby restoring Vision.

These complications could range from Lasik complications, Cataract complications, Radial Keratotomy (RK) complications, Photorefractive keratectomy (PRK) complications, Pterygium complication, Collagen Crosslinking complications, keratoconus complications, etc. He teaches his concepts of complication correction to eye surgeons globally as he encourages them to not only “STOP” but actually “sTOP the Train wrecks” , thereby not only providing hope, but actually restoring vision.

This website besides providing an encyclopedia of knowledge for patients, also shares real-world patient experiences underscoring our doctor’s passion to encourage and inspire his colleagues worldwide.

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